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This Customer Help page is for RSA policies purchased on and before the 30th September 2019. If you are a customer who has an Argos Pet Insurance policy provided by Pinnacle (policy number starts with PETAG), please visit this page.

Q I'm worried about being able to pay for my insurance due to Coronavirus, what can I do?

We are here to help, so if you are worried about being able to pay for your insurance due to Coronavirus, please get in contact with us as soon as you can on 0345 078 7500. We can discuss the options available to you and rest assured all conversations are confidential.

If you are going to miss or have missed a payment, you can apply for a payment deferral. If eligible, all of the deferred premium payments will be collected at the end of the agreed deferral period. This means that we will collect from your account all deferred premium payments in one go, in addition to the next scheduled premium payment for that month. So, you should ensure that your future financial situation will enable you to make these future, increased, premium payments.

If you are unable to do this yourself or would prefer that we discuss your policy with a family member or friend, we need your permission to do this. Please let us know if this is the case when you contact us.

Q What if my pet becomes ill and I am self-isolating so I can’t take them to the vet?

As part of your policy you have freephone access to vetfone, where you can speak to qualified veterinary nurses 24/7. Please give them a call if you are worried about your pet’s health and they will advise you of your options, you will find their number in your policy booklet. Alternatively, you can contact your vet.

Q What if my local vet closes, where should I take my pet?

If it’s an emergency then call your vet; they will either have an out of office service or direct you to another available vet / veterinary practice. Alternatively, you can take your pet to any vet to be treated.

Q Will I struggle to get hold of on-going medication that my pet needs?

It’s hard to tell at this early stage, but we are not expecting any issues with the supply of medication. Please contact your registered vet for advice.

Q My vet has cancelled my pet’s operation as it’s not an emergency treatment, will I still be covered if the treatment has to be administered outside of the 12 month term of my time limited policy?

Not all policies have a 12 month treatment period restriction. If yours does, please contact us via email at so we can review the details and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 3 working days.

Q My vet has delayed my pet’s annual booster because of staff shortage or I have delayed it as I'm self-isolating, will you cover my pet if it gets an illness that it’s usually vaccinated against?

Yes, we will cover conditions that your pet is usually vaccinated against if the annual booster is delayed due to COVID-19.

Q I am self-isolating away from my normal place of residence and taking my pet(s) with me, do I need to change my address?

If you are temporarily staying away from home due to COVID-19, there is no need to tell us, your pet(s) will still be covered. As your renewal documents are sent by post, please ensure that you have a way to collect them if your policy is due for renewal whilst you are self-isolating. If you change your address permanently, please let us know by email at

Q I am self-isolating/in hospital with COVID-19 and someone is looking after my pet for me, do I need to transfer the policy to them?

As long as this is a temporary arrangement and you don’t need to make a claim, renew or make changes to your policy, there’s no need to tell us. If you do need to do any of these, then we will need your permission to speak to someone else about your policy.  In this case please contact us via email at and we will add the person to the policy.

Q If I become ill and have to go into hospital and my pet goes into a kennel or cattery, will I be covered?

If you stay in hospital for more than 4 days in a row, due to COVID-19, and no other member of your family is able to look after your pet, your pet will be covered under the terms of our Emergency Boarding Cover.

Q I didn’t receive my renewal documents because I was in hospital or no post was delivered due to COVID-19 and my policy has cancelled, can it be reinstated?

If you find you have missed your renewal date due to issues relating from COVID-19, then please email us at

Q I didn’t receive my renewal documents because I was in hospital or no post was delivered due to COVID-19, my policy has automatically renewed, but I want to cancel it, what should I do?

Your policy has a 14 day cooling-off period where you can cancel without any cost to you as long as you haven’t made any claims. Please contact us via email at

If it has been more than 14 days, please contact us via email at so we can review the details

Q I’m stuck abroad with my pet and I’m not allowed to return home. As the trip is now over the 60 days limit, what should I do?

If there were no restrictions on travelling when you first started your trip, then we may be able to extend your cover for your trip length.

Please contact us via email at

Q I can’t get home from my trip abroad and my pet is in kennels / a cattery. Will Emergency Boarding cover the additional cost?

Unfortunately, this cover is not available under your policy.

Q My pet insurance policy is due for renewal in the next 24 hours, how do I make sure my pet continues to be covered?

Please call us on 0345 0787500, if your policy needs to be renewed within the next 24 hours.

Q I need to submit a pet insurance claim, can I do this online?

You can download a claim form or submit an ongoing claim online here

Q I need to talk to you about something else, how do I get in touch?

For any non-urgent queries, that do not require an answer within 24 hours, please email us at and we’ll do our very best to get back to you within 3 working days.

If your policy needs to be renewed within the next 24 hours or if you need to make changes to your policy with immediate effect please call us on 0345 0787500.  

Q What is a pre-existing condition?

Like many insurers, we cannot cover your pet against pre-existing conditions. This means that if before this policy starts your pet is already ill, injured or showing signs of illness, injury or being unwell or has been this way before, you will not be able to make any claim under your policy for anything that is connected in any way to the pet’s medical history. Also, your pet will not be covered for any illness in the first 10 days or any accident in the first 48 hours of your policy starting.

Q Is dental work covered (i.e. teeth cleaning, extraction)?

Your policy only covers your pet for dental treatment that is the result of an accident. E.g. extracting a damaged tooth or reconstructive work. We cannot reimburse you for routine dental work such as tooth cleaning or for the treatment of periodontal disease (gum disease).

Q What are the excess fees?

You will pay a veterinary excess of £65 for each separate incident. If you have Silver or Gold cover, you will pay this excess once for each incident. If you have Platinum cover, you will pay this excess once for each incident in each period of insurance that you make a claim. When you took out your policy you may have chosen a voluntary excess of £25, £50 or £100, in addition to the £65 veterinary fee excess. When you make a claim for 3rd party liability (dogs only) or accidental damage, your excess is £100.

Q Do I have to pay the vet and you reimburse me?

There are two ways to pay the vet. Either you can pay the vet and then make a claim so we send the money to you. Or, if the vet is happy for us to, we can pay them directly so that you’re not out of pocket at any point.

Q Do I get a discount if I insure more than one pet with you?

If you have an existing Argos Pet Insurance policy, you can add additional pets and will receive a multi-pet discount. We can only add new pets to existing policies at the moment. You can protect a maximum of 10 pets on a single policy.

Q My pet has a pre-existing condition, can I still get cover for new conditions?

Yes we can still insure your pet if they have a pre-existing condition, but that insurance will not cover the pre-existing condition itself, or any health issues caused by any pre-existing conditions. In addition, the insurance will only cover your pet for any changes in their health or behaviour that you or your vet notice after the first 10 days of the start of your policy.

Q Are the costs of neutering or spaying my pet covered?

Unfortunately neutering or spaying is classed as a routine treatment and therefore is not covered by your policy.

Q Are hereditary and/or congenital conditions covered?

Yes, hereditary and/or congenital conditions are covered, as long as you or your vet did not notice the first signs of the condition before the start date or within the first 10 days of your policy.

Q What is third party liability cover?

This cover only applies to dogs and means that we could reimburse you for the damages and costs incurred if your dog is held legally responsible for harming a person or damaging their property.

Q What is a policy excess?

A policy excess is the amount that you would have to pay if you make a claim on your insurance. Here at Argos Pet Insurance, your excess will remain the same, unless you choose to add a voluntary excess.

Q Does the veterinary excess payable change as my pet gets older?

No matter how old your pet is the excess will remain the same, unless you choose to add a voluntary excess.

Q How can I pay for my policy?

You can choose to pay your premium annually or monthly. Unlike some other insurers, if you choose to make 12 monthly payments, we will not charge you a penny in interest. Being able to spread the cost means you can insure your furry friend at a price suitable for you.

Q Is there any advantage to paying my premiums monthly by Direct Debit?

You can spread the cost of your premium by paying in monthly instalments for no extra charge, or pay your premium in full when you purchase your policy. There’s no advantage to doing it either way, it’s simply down to which option suits your needs best.

Please note that Direct Debit customers are automatically renewed each year unless you decide to cancel the policy.

Q How do I cancel my policy?

If you no longer need to cover your pet or you are thinking of changing insurer, please give our Customer Services team a call on 0345 078 7500. Our lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday.

Q Do I need pet insurance?

Whilst pet insurance is a personal choice, here at Argos Pet Insurance, we believe that pet insurance is a must to ensure your furry friends are always protected. To help with your decision, we have put together a handy guide on ‘why you need pet insurance‘.

Q How do I get in touch with claims?

If you need to make a claim or you’re wanting details about an on-going claim, please call our Claims team on 0345 078 7500. Our lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday.

Q What can I do to reduce my premiums?

To make sure you’re getting the best price, please check that all your details and your pet’s details are correct. You can also call our Customer Services team on 0345 078 7500 to see if there is a different cover level or excess amount that better suits your needs. Our lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday.

Q Will my premiums go up as my pet gets older?

The price of your insurance will rise at renewal as your pet gets older, because the likelihood of your pet becoming ill increases with age.

Q Can you cover my pet abroad? If so, how long for?

Yes, we will cover your pet if you take it abroad under the Government’s Pet Travel Scheme. The length of cover depends on the level of insurance cover you have – Silver cover gives you a maximum of 90 days’ protection in each period of insurance, whilst Gold and Platinum cover has no limit on the number of days we will cover your pet abroad. There’s lots of fun to be had taking your pet on holiday with you. However, there are also there are several practical matters to consider when it comes to taking a pet abroad.

Q Do I need to get my pet microchipped and vaccinated?

In April 2016 it became compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped, but it is up to you to decide if you want your cat microchipped. You don’t have to have your pet vaccinated to take out insurance but if your pet becomes ill from something that could have been vaccinated against, we won’t be able to cover your claim.

Q If I make a claim, will my premium increase?

As with any other insurance, when claims are paid it will lead to a higher renewal premium because we base it on your pet’s claim history, amongst other things. Our experience tells us that pets with previous claims are more likely to claim again in the future.

Q Why has my renewal premium increased so much this year?

Your renewal premium takes into account a number of things: ·       Where you live – because the cost of vet treatment varies depending on where you live in the UK and one vet in your area may charge considerably more than another for the same treatment. ·       Your pet’s age – because the likelihood of your pet becoming ill increases with age. Some insurers do not offer or only offer certain types of vet fee cover to new pets that are over the age of eight. ·       Claims we have paid and the risk of future claims. One of the most important factors we consider when calculating your premium is the inflation affecting the cost of vet treatment. In recent times, vet fee inflation has considerably increased the cost of pet insurance claims each year. We have seen both a rise in the numbers of claims we get and also a rise in the costs of the vet treatment carried out. Vet costs have risen because veterinary surgeons can offer a much larger range of services to their customers’ pets. Local veterinary practices are able to offer treatments and diagnostic services, like in-house blood testing, complex x-rays or ultra sound scans. There is now a wider choice of specialist veterinary practices, which offer referral services to local veterinary surgeons. These specialists can access the latest technical advances in veterinary care and have the right equipment to treat or even save the life of a much-loved pet.

Q Why does a change of address affect my premium?

Vet’s fees vary throughout the country, so a change of address can affect your premium.

Q Will you still insure my pet over the age of nine?

Yes, we do cover pets over the age of nine. However, you should be aware that if your dog dies from an illness aged nine or above (or aged 11 years or above for cats) then we will not pay the purchase price or cremation fee.

Q Why have I had a double payment come out of my account?

We normally take a payment in the month the policy starts and then on your next chosen Direct Debit date. If your policy starts towards the end of the month, and your chosen Direct Debit date is towards the start of the month, this can sometimes result in the first two payments coming out on the same day or very close together. You will still only be paying 12 instalments.

Q Will missed payments affect my credit rating?

No. Rest assured, if you end up missing a payment for any reason, your credit rating will not be affected.

Q Why is it sometimes cheaper to buy a new policy for the same insurance?

Whilst a new quote may include an introductory discount, you will not be covered for any existing medical condition that your pet may have had when your old policy was in force. The following exclusions automatically apply when taking out a new policy:

  • Your pet’s pre-existing conditions will not be covered
  • Your pet will not be covered for any illness in the first 10 days of the policy start date
  • Your pet will not be covered for any accident in the first 48 hours of the policy start date.

Q When will my claim be processed?

We aim to assess your claim within five working days but it can take up to 15 working days if we need any more information from you or your vet.

You can track the status of your insurance claim on our claims tracker.

Q Has my claim form arrived?

When we receive your claim form we’ll send you a text telling you that we’re completing assessment of your claim and we’ll contact you again in writing within the next 5-10 working days. Please ensure that you provide your mobile number on your claim form. You can now track your claim online using our claims tracker.

Q Can you explain the deductions made on my claim? For example, why has food been deducted when my policy says it's covered?

There are some things that your policy doesn’t cover. Food recommended by a vet to treat a condition is not covered by Silver or Gold policies, but it is covered for up to four weeks by Platinum cover only and is reinstated every year providing you renew your policy.

Q Why have you declined some of my claim when it has not gone over the vet fee limit?

Our Silver and Gold policies cover each incident for up to 12 months from the start of treatment, or until the financial limit is reached – whichever happens first. Although you have not reached your vet fee limit, the 12 month treatment period for this condition has now ended, so we’re unable to cover any further costs.

Q Why are cremation costs not covered?

We cover cremation fees if your dog dies or was put to sleep due to an illness and was under the age of nine at the time (or under the age of 11 for cats), or if your dog or cat dies or is put to sleep due to an accident at any age. Cremation is not covered if your dog or cat dies from an illness in the first 10 days of your policy starting, or from an accident in the first 48 hours of your policy starting.

Q Can you send me a claim form?

If you have a printer, the quickest way to get a claim form is to download it from How to Claim. You can also email us at or call our Claims team on 0345 078 7500 and we can post one to you. Our lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday. You can also use the new claims portal where you can simply claim for repeat prescriptions online. Upload your vet bills, confirm the details and submit online for a hassle-free service.

Q Why do I have to pay another excess? I have already paid this.

If you have Silver or Gold cover, we take the excess once for each incident. If you have Platinum cover, we take the excess once for each incident in each period of insurance that you make a claim.


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