10 excellent reasons to adopt an older dog

Posted by Cyril. September 18th 2013.

There are few people in the world that can resist the charm of a puppy. With their infectious enthusiasm and sweet good looks, puppies are very much in demand but the reality of a puppy is not always quite as appealing.

Just think about all the training you have to do, and even then it can be hard to tell what a dog’s adult personality will be like when it is small; that’s why adopting an older dog is sometimes a much safer bet.

10 Reasons To Adopt An Older Dog

Why adopt an older dog?

1. What you see is what you get

 What you see is what you get with an older animal. With a fully formed personality, you can get to know the dog and figure out if the two of you (and family) are a good match. The element of doubt is removed.

2. You can teach an old dog new tricks
As older dogs are calmer and more focused than puppies it can actually be easier to train them. The sayings we use are not always based on fact – old dogs actually learn new tricks pretty easily, especially if they have had previous training.

3. Less messy
Again, the reality of puppies is that they are messy. An older dog will almost always be trained which means that you shouldn’t have to worry too much about them damaging  your home.

4. Stick to your limits
As mentioned, if you aren’t experienced with puppies or training, it can be very frustrating and difficult. Start with an older dog and they can help you to learn the ropes. Then in time you may be able to look after and train a puppy or younger dog.

5. It’s a good thing to do
Giving a home to a lovely, older dog that doesn’t have one is just a really nice thing to do. In some cases they won’t have had the easiest lives, so doing the right thing is even more important.

Older dogs like this German Shepherd need pet insurance too

6. Easy living
Young dogs need a lot of exercise which means you’re going to have to walk them a lot and even then they’ll still have plenty of energy leftover for fun and games. If you’re getting older, an older dog will make a much more suitable companion as their exercise needs will be closer to your own.

7. Settling in
Younger pups can find it hard to settle sometimes, especially if there are children or other animals around. Older hands take less time to get settled and find routines that are good for everyone.

8. Free time for other things
Puppies are adorable but they don’t leave much time for anything else. As nice as it would be to spend all day playing with your pooch, an older dog is less demanding and leaves you free to do some of the other things that life demands.

9. Companionship
Older dogs and older owners get on really well. If you’re a little lonely or looking for some companionship, why not find an older dog that is looking for the same? It might be the best decision you ever make.

10. No problems
Some people think that older dogs are set in their ways and if they have problems with them this can make it very difficult to rectify. That’s not necessarily true and many older dogs simply find themselves alone when their owners die or can no longer look after them. They’re great animals and just need a bit of love and attention to get them back on track.


So there you have it. Ten very good reasons why adopting an older dog is a very good idea. Older dogs give you more control and a greater degree of flexibility than puppies. If you’re a first time owner, or an older person looking for a friend, older dogs make a much more sensible choice.

Not only will you be getting a great friend who will never let you down, you’ll also be doing a really great thing for an animal that has found itself down on its luck. We all know what that feels like, so why not help out and adopt an older dog?

Photo credit: Kaja Kozłowska

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