10 fun dog facts you probably didn’t know

Posted by Tiger. October 3rd 2014.

Dogs have been man’s faithful companion for decades. Bringing joy and comfort into their owner’s lives, they provide unconditional love and each dog has its own unique character and personality.

Dogs are wonderful animals and have become the most popular domestic pet throughout the world. So, just to make you love them even more, here are 10 facts you didn’t know about man’s best friend.

dog running

1. Your dog knows how you are feeling

When you’re upset have you noticed your dog is always there to comfort you? This isn’t just coincidence; your dog has the ability to read your emotions. By looking at you, your dog knows whether you are sad, happy or angry. Not only do they recognise how you are feeling, they alter their behaviour to fit your emotions. This means snuggling up to you when you’re upset and keeping their distance when you’re angry.

2. They have excellent hearing

Dogs have double the amount of muscles in their ears as humans do. These muscles are actually used to show over 100 facial expressions. They are also capable of hearing noises up to four times further away than humans too.

3. They use their tongues as little water cups

When you see your dog ‘lapping’ up water, the back of their tongue actually forms a little cup.

4. They can detect early stage cancer

Dogs have often been known to detect when their owner is ill. It appears they can smell specific scents within the body including the compounds within lung cancer. As well as cancer, they can also detect several other illnesses.

5. Different dogs attract different people

Did you know if you’re single, a Golden Retriever is going to be more successful when it comes to attracting a date than a pit bull? Think about your lifestyle and choose a breed that suits it. dog with children

6. They can detect the weather

Dogs can’t just detect illnesses; they can also detect a change in the weather. If there’s a storm coming you will often notice your dog acting strangely.

7. Cigarette smoke can be harmful to their health

Second hand smoke doesn’t just have negative effects for humans – it can also cause cancer and other illnesses in your beloved pooch too.

8. They don’t enjoy hugs

You may think you’re showing your dog love and affection when you hug them. However, in the dog world it is a sign of dominance when you put your limbs over them.

9. They have unique individual nose prints

Humans can be recognised via their finger prints, but in the dog world they are recognised by their noses. No two dogs ever have the same nose print.

10. Male dogs cock their leg when they urinate as a sign of dominance

Have you ever wondered why a male dog cocks his leg and a female dog squats? For male dogs cocking their leg is a sign of dominance used as they are ‘marking their territory’.

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