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What Do Dogs Think Of Us? Cute Puppy Enjoys a Cuddle

What do dogs really think of their owners? They say that dog is man’s best friend, and many dog owners would agree. It doesn’t matte... Read more

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Cat vs Dog

Cats v Dogs Infographic Cats vs Dogs Dogs and cats are two of the most popular pets in the UK. But when you’re ask... Read more

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Barking dog

Why are dogs barking mad? Dogs bark for a variety of reasons and it is a normal part of the way a dog communicates with... Read more

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Fluffy ginger cat

Cat health: Feline enteritis explained Many of us view our pets as part of the family and it is for this reason that we strive to ke... Read more

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How to remove a tick from dogs safely Most pet owners anticipate the discovery of a tick in their dogs fur with trepidation – and... Read more

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Pet Photos in April

April Customer Pet Photos This month our customers have sent in some great pet photos, take a look and see if your ... Read more

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How the Support Dogs charity helps to change lives A national charity based in the UK, Support Dogs is dedicated to helping people live with var... Read more

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Animal Obesity, Is My Dog Overweight? - Dog eating

Top tips for dealing with dog parasites No matter how hard you might try to protect your pet's health, it is common for dogs to becom... Read more

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Breed Review: Staffordshire Bull Terrier The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, more commonly known as the Staffie, is one of the most popula... Read more

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Puppy eating - be wary of household poisons

Common household poisons for pets Pets aren’t particularly selective when they spot a shiny (or gross) something that either ... Read more

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