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dogs on a lead round-up

Argos Pet Insurance blog weekly round-up 19th-25th May Take a look at the articles that have been featured on the Argos Pet Insurance blog this week... Read more

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Puppy training: How to train a puppy to walk on a lead Getting your puppy to feel comfortable and at ease on a lead can be different for every dog. ... Read more

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The First 12 Weeks Of Owning A Cat - playing kittens

5 ideas to help entertain your cat or dog You’ve successfully completed another day; been to work, fed the troops (maybe yourself too... Read more

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A black Labrador suffering from dog sickness

Dog sickness: How to care for vomiting dogs Just like humans, pets are susceptible to upset tummies. In dogs, vomiting is a common proble... Read more

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Obese pets: Are nearly half of the UK’s pets overweight? They may be cuddly to us, but experts claim our pets are obese. In fact, the Pet Food Manufac... Read more

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Breed review: West Highland Terrier puppies and dogs A small breed which is popular throughout the UK, West Highland Terrier puppies and dogs have... Read more

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A Dog with cut paws at the Vets

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