Argos Little Heroes Awards

Argos Little Hero Awards: That’s a wrap, folks Over the last six weeks, we've been running the Argos Little Hero Awards, trying to find the ... Read more

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An owner tries to coax their dog not to eat grass

My dog is eating grass, Is this normal? All dogs eat grass at some point. The reasons behind this habit are complex, but if your dog ... Read more

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Cute kittens in a basket

Cat proofing: 5 ways to welcome a new cat to your household Once you’ve decided you want a cat or kitten, you should make your home as welcoming as pos... Read more

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A cute kitten

Argos Pet Insurance blog – Weekly round-up: 22nd-28th June Read the latest animals stories and pet news, straight from Argos Pet Insurance. How to ... Read more

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The Exotic Shorthair cat is proving popular with families

Breed review: Exotic Shorthair kittens and cats The Exotic Shorthair, with its modest 50 years of history, is commonly known as the Shorthair... Read more

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A family relax on holiday with their dog

Dog and cat travel: How to take your pets on holiday Holidays are a big part of the summer experience for Brits, but for pet lovers they come with... Read more

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A cat wears sunglasses on holiday

Argos Pet Insurance blog – Weekly round-up 15th-21st June Get your teeth into this week's stories and tales from the animal kingdom from Argos Pet Insu... Read more

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Talented pet dog rides a skateboard

Cats and Dogs: More talented than you thought? We’ve spent the last month thanking our talented pets for the incredible jobs that they do.... Read more

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A kitten displays signs of being scared by a puppy

Cat behaviour: What is your cat afraid of? There are many reasons why your cat may be scared. Some cats appear more placid than others, ... Read more

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Knowing how to cool down your pet is essential in the hot summer months

How to keep your pet cool in the summer sun With the summer fast approaching, it's important to ensure your pet remains cool during the h... Read more

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A scared cat up a tree

Argos Pet Insurance blog – Weekly round-up 8th-14th June Get the latest animal news and stories from Argos Pet Insurance, just in time for the summer ... Read more

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Fascinating animal facts about four-legged friends It’s time to start voting for your favourite Little Hero! And to give you inspiration for w... Read more

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