Korat Cat snoozing on bed

Breed review: Korat cats and kittens Korat cats and kittens are one of the most established and purest breeds. Originating in T... Read more

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holidays with your pet

5 ways to spend bank holidays with your dog One of the best things Bank Holidays is the extra time you get to relax and spend time with f... Read more

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Keeping Dog's Bed Clean

How to clean a dog’s bed Most dog owners will tell you that cleaning up after their beloved pooch is a constant battle... Read more

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This cat has hair loss, but bald patches on cats are not uncommon

Bald patches on cats: What are the reasons for them? Bald patches on cats are quite common and the problem can occur in many different forms. The ... Read more

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Parvo in dogs is becoming a more common virus

Parvovirus: What is Parvo in dogs and how do I treat it? Canine parvovirus – more popularly known as ‘parvo’ – is a viral disease that can dev... Read more

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Tabby cats like this may need pet insurance as they grow older

How to deal with cat health issues in older cats There are an estimated 8.5 million cats in the UK, meaning 19% of households own one of these... Read more

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Oriental kittens are cute and have distinctive large ears

Oriental cats and kittens – breed review Oriental cats belong to the Siamese breed and, in fact, are almost identical to their cousins... Read more

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