4 Ways to Help Your Pet Live Longer

Posted by Morris. September 25th 2017.

Like humans, cats and dogs are living longer than ever before – cue a sigh of relief from pet owners across the country. It’s not uncommon for cats and dogs to now live well into their teens.

There are a number of reasons why pets are living longer: taking good care of your pet, providing them with healthy, nutritious food and veterinary care and treatments are all contributing factors.

To help your pet live a happy and healthy life, we’ve teamed up with our resident vet, Andrew Moore BVM&S MRCVS, to bring you four ways to help your pet live longer:

  1. Watch what they eat

Obesity in cats and dogs can have similar effects to that in humans. They’re more at risk of developing heart problems, as well as diabetes and arthritis, so a healthy diet will be hugely beneficial to your pet’s health. As well as this, a high-quality diet will improve your pet’s immune system, as well as muscle and joint health.

Speak to your vet about what to feed your pet, as a balanced diet will depend on the breed and size of your cat or dog. And maybe hold off sneaking them your leftovers under the table!

  1. Brush them… and their teeth!

If your pet has long hair, brush its fur at least once a week. Dirt and debris in the fur can cause health conditions such as rashes, sores or even infections. Bathing can also help get rid of any unwanted odours should your furry friend roll in something smelly!

Bad dental hygiene can sometimes lead to bacterial infections, but pet owners often overlook this aspect of pet care. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly to help them stay healthy, but make sure you use a pet toothpaste!

  1. Give them enough exercise

Exercise is a vital part to prolonging your pet’s life. Dogs should be walked for at least 20 minutes each day. Similarly, house cats should spend around 10 to 15 minutes each day playing or engaging in some sort of activity.

  1. Visit the vet

Regular trips to the vet are essential in maintaining your pet’s health. You can discuss with your vet what sort of vaccinations and parasite control products you should use. Your vet will also check for signs of any health issues.

Should the unexpected happen, make sure your pet is insured. For more information on our pet insurance policies, visit our homepage at https://www.argospetinsurance.co.uk/ to get a quote.

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