Our pet gifts guide for Christmas

Posted by Argos. December 3rd 2014.

Christmas is a great opportunity to splurge on your nearest and dearest. It’s also a wonderful time to pop down to your local Argos and have a look at their gifts for pets.

If you feel that your pet’s life won’t be complete without a diamond encrusted collar, or a wonderful new tartan fluffy coat, this is the time to make that investment.

A dog in a dog bed

Pets love new beds

All animals should have their beds changed frequently and Christmas is a great time to give your animal a new sleeping environment. Beds make animals feel secure, so if you invest in an oval bed with high surrounding sides, you’ll be able to create a miniature palace for your pooch or cat. You can even buy your dog or cat a brightly coloured igloo bed to match the winter weather!

When introducing this new item into the home, make sure you do it gradually and place familiar items – like favourite toys or the bedding of their current bed – within it as this will help your pet to identify the new bed as their own and encourage them to begin using it.

Christmas food for pets

It’s only fair that as the rest of the family will indulge all the traditional Christmas trimmings that your pet might enjoy some treats too. Even if you’re the proud owner of a solitary budgie, invest in some festive Alan Titchmarsh seed bundles or fat balls.

There is a huge range of treats for cats and dogs and these are healthier for your pets than tit-bits from the table. Remember that conventional chocolate is toxic and dangerous for animals so only give your animal special pet treats and keep human food for the humans!

Animals love toys

Most animals adore toys and playing is a great way for your pet to work off its excess energy and help to stop them from getting bored – or obese! An animal that isn’t stimulated can become depressed and destructive.

Squeaky toys are wonderful for cats and dogs – even though they might drive their owners slightly batty! Chewing toys are also a good idea as they can help your pet’s dental hygiene and promote the strength of their teeth.

You can even buy mint flavoured chewing balls for dogs which ensure that your pet always has sweet breath and a clean mouth.

Dog with a lead

Dog leads and harnesses

Use Christmas as an occasion to buy your dog a new lead or harness. The RAC recommends a luminous lead so that if you take your dog out in the early morning or late at night then it will be visible at all times.

Your dog harness doesn’t have to be dull either and there are all types of colours and designs including a jungle giraffe motif! If you’re looking for an extra long lead, then go for a flexi- standard style which gives your dog more freedom of movement but allows you to retain control over the animal.

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