Are popular TV trends having a negative impact on wolf-like dogs?

Posted by Betty. October 20th 2014.

TV and films have long been influencing the way that we live.

Attractive celebrities drive women to spend a fortune on beauty products and diets to try to attain the perfect image. When Mary Berry burst onto our screens it reignited a love for baking across the nation, with more people turning their hand to baking cakes and other sweet goodies. Then there’s the animal world: every now and again, a film or TV show comes out that highlights a particular animal/breed that captures the nation’s hearts.
Siberian Husky

Unfortunately the reality of owning the animals is nothing like the perfect image you see on TV. As people rush out and buy the latest animal trend, that animal soon starts to pay the price. The husky has become the latest dog breed to be affected by TV, with many being dumped or finding themselves in animal shelters after their owners can no longer cope.

Girl with a Siberian Husky

The wolf-like trend – where did it come from?

Wolf-like dogs have been highlighted in several top shows in recent years. Both Twilight and Game of Thrones feature loyal, powerful wolf-like dogs. One Guardian writer even suggested that David Cameron could be partly to blame following a photo-call with beautiful Norwegian Huskies.

There is no denying the beauty and magnificence of these dogs; though what these TV shows and films don’t show you is the high-maintenance required by these breeds.

The Blue Cross animal charity has seen a massive increase of 700% in abandoned husky type breeds over the last five years. There were 78 taken in by the charity in the last year alone. A couple of years ago The Dogs Trust also saw a similar increase in wolf-like dogs being taken in.


The reality of owning a wolf-like breed

While the husky and other wolf-like dogs are certainly beautiful to look at, they do have a number of traits that make them difficult to own.

They require a lot of training and companionship. They can also be really noisy. Without proper training they become destructive in the home and can have trouble with house training. They require an experienced dog owner who has the time to train the animal.

Wolf-like breeds can make excellent pets provided they are in the right hands. The trouble is that, many people don’t research anything about the breed before they bring one into the home. You need to ensure you are going into it with your eyes open. The reality of owning one of these beautiful dogs is nothing like what you see on TV.

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