Argos Little Hero Awards: That’s a wrap, folks

Posted by Argos. June 30th 2015.

Over the last six weeks, we’ve been running the Argos Little Hero Awards, trying to find the bravest, most heroic pets from all across the country.

We’ve found dogs who’ve saved their owners from injury and cats who have become feline nurses for their four legged friends; we’ve been absolutely amazed at the lengths these pets have gone to in order to show their love and affection.

We had hundreds of entries, with loads of really happy stories and some sad ones too. The pets in the stories made us laugh, cry and say ‘awwww’ more than a few times!

Our team of expert judges read through every single one before choosing 5 cat and 5 dog stories that we thought you guys would absolutely love. It was then over to you to vote on your favourites.

And after all was said and done, you, the Great British Public chose the following cats and dogs as your top 6 pets:

Our caped crusaders

Betty was rescued by Sarah at the age of 14 weeks and has since been fighting against meningitis. She’s spent long nights in hospital and has had to take long doses of steroids. But Betty’s enthusiasm for life means her tail never stops wagging! What a very brave pooch!


Little Hero buster managed to wake up Lesley to alert her that her husband had taken a fall. Even when Lesley didn’t wake up at first, Buster never stopped trying to raise the alarm. We dread to think what could have happened without the heroics of little Buster.


It’s incredible how brave Ted is given that he was rescued from a bad life. When Ted’s owner fell down an embankment and hurt herself, Ted comforted her before going and finding help. He was torn between caring for his owner and getting her help, but in the end he managed to do both. Super Ted to the rescue!

The Super Kitties


Nominated by Elle, Liquorice is such a brave little cat. Rescued from the streets by a kind-hearted vet, Liquorice has made a full recovery and this beautiful black cat is now healthy and happy. Voters seemed to especially like Elle’s lovely poem. Well done Liquorice!


Having got lost from her home, Ruby’s family began to worry. They were relieved when Ruby turned up a few days later, but with a badly broken jaw! This wasn’t going to stop this courageous cat however, and Ruby made a full recovery. We were so glad to hear this and so glad that Louie decided to nominate her!


According to Denise who nominated him, Simba is more dog than Lion King because he likes to play fetch! Pets have the ability to make their owners happy even when they feel at their lowest, and that is exactly what Simba has done. His family don’t know where they’d be without him!

There had to be winners and there had to be those who just missed out, but even though there could only be 6 winners, we know that all cats and dogs are incredibly special.

One thing we have been especially amazed by, is how some of these cats and dogs managed to escape certain injury, or come back stronger than ever after accidents and mishaps.

The inner will and fight of cats and dogs to love, live and play is just amazing, but reading about all these wonderful stories has also reminded us that they’re not indestructible and sometimes, things can go wrong.

We spoke to Peter Gorbing, chief executive at Dogs for the Disabled, about how important it is that we give our pets the care they deserve.

“Every day we see how dogs enrich and improve people’s lives. Dogs have so much to offer us all so looking after their welfare and ensuring their health and wellbeing is never compromised is something we’re really passionate about.”

The main message that we got from your stories was that these animals are not just family pets; they’re your best friend in the good times and the bad. If anything were to happen, you need to know that every possible measure has been taken to make them better again.

Argos Pet Insurance ran this competition to remind everyone how important it is to have the right safety net in place for when your cat or dog needs you most.

Pets may be superheroes, but they’re not invincible and however much you love and care for them, you don’t have the super powers to make them well again when they get ill or injured.

When you buy a house or a car, one of the first things you do is buy insurance; it should be no different with your pets. In many ways, it should be more important with a pet. You buy cars, you sell cars. A pet is part of the family.

It’s about making sure your pet has the quality of care that they deserve. Your pet has been your Little Hero, now it’s time to return the favour.

We’d like to finish by thanking everyone who took part in this competition, whether that was by entering your four-legged friend or simply by voting for your favourite. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Argos Little Hero Awards as much as we have.

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