Argos Pet Insurance blog: What’s coming up in March 2016

Posted by Cyril. March 3rd 2016.

Spring has sprung, Daffodils and flowers are shooting up and the colder weather will soon be a thing of the past – hurray!

Yes, it’s that exciting time of the year when pet owners can start to get outside more often with their four-legged friends and spend some quality (and warmer) time together.

This month, we’re taking a look at loads of exciting stuff on the Argos Pet Insurance blog – including all of the following:

Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs are a favourite of the Queen

By Royal appointment

We’ll be taking a look at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed, its history and temperament to discover why these dogs and puppies really are fit for a Queen.

Funny kittens lying on its back

Cat acting like humans

We all love funny cat videos on the internet, but have you ever thought about why cats behave like they do? We’ll be taking a look at how some of our feline friends mimic human behaviour and finding out why.

Cat obesity is a growing problem in cats

Is my cat or dog obese?

Dog obesity and cat obesity is becoming much more of a problem. If you’re worried about the health of your precious pet, take a look at these guides to find out whether your dog or cat is overweight and find out how you can help them to get in better shape.

Older dogs like this German Shepherd need pet insurance too

Why older dogs need pet insurance too

It can sometimes be hard to find the right level of cover for an older dog so we’ll be taking a look at this often complex area and trying to inform you about all of the options available to you.

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