Argos Pet Insurance blog: Review of October 2015

Posted by Argos. November 26th 2015.

So, it’s the end of another month, dark nights are finally upon us and Christmas is now just around the corner. Woohoo!

Here at the Argos Pet Insurance blog, we’ve looked at a range of topical and seasonal issues during October and the arrival of autumn.

Catch up on the articles you may have missed out on here;

Cats tend to lick their paws regularly, but this can prove to be a problem when they are outside in autumn and winter

Why are cat poisoning symptoms on the rise?

The arrival of autumn and winter means there are far more health hazards for our feline friends to avoid. Help your cat stay safe now the darker nights have arrived; read our hints, tips and advice here.

Breed review: Springer Spaniel puppies and dogs

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Checking your dog for lumps and bumps is essential for all owners

Why you must check your dog for lumps and bumps to spot the signs of dog cancer early

Everyone tends to fear the worst when you find a lump or bump on your dog, but is it really always a sign of ‘dog cancer’? Find out more in this informative article.

How to spot if your feline friend is suffering from a cat fracture and the steps to take if they are

It may be said that cats have nine lives, but that doesn’t mean they will never come to any harm. We take a look at how to spot if they are injured and what to do if they are.

Some types of leaves can cause problems for cats and dogs in autumn and winter

 Pet health hazards for dogs and cats to avoid as autumn arrives

The arrival of autumn brings with it a whole host of things for our beloved pets to avoid. Find out how you can help to keep them safe here with our advice and tips.


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