Argos Pet Insurance Blog – Weekly round-up: September 14th to 20th

Posted by Argos. September 14th 2015.

Discover out the latest tales and stories from the animal world with Argos Pet Insurance.

The Sphynx cat has been around since ancient Egyptian times

Breed review: Sphynx Cat

With a name which sounds like it has been around since ancient Egyptian times, there’s actually more to this breed than meets the eye. Learn all about the distinctive and energetic Sphynx Cat and why it actually boasts a much younger background in our breed review.

Would you know what to do if your cat had bladder issues?

Advice to help spot if your cat has bladder issues

Bladder problems can be cause by number of factors, but what should you do if they become a common problem with your cat?

We explain why recognising your four-legged friend has a problem at the earliest stage could prove vital.

Taking a toy with you on a house visit can help to make your dog feel at home

Top tips for taking your dog to someone else’s house

Even the most well behaved pet can cause you a headache, but our guide will teach you how to make sure your visits to friends and family are enjoyable and stress-free.

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