Beach safety advice & dog friendly beaches for your pooch

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Whether you live near the beach or are planning on taking the entire family away to the seaside this summer, it’s important to ensure your pet dog is safe throughout your time away.

Building sand castles, dipping our toes into the cold sea and eating ice lollies on the vast number of dog friendly beaches are all part and parcel of being British. However, it’s vital you plan ahead and keep your dog as safe as you possibly can to ensure the trip to the beach is fun for everyone involved.


An English Bulldog enjoys a day at the beach with its puppy

Eight great tips to look after your dog on the beach

  1. Check the tide times: Be sure to check the time the tide comes in so that you can be 100 per cent sure your dog will be safe from being swept out unexpectedly.
  2. Poop bags are essential: Whether you’re at the beach or in the garden, your dog doesn’t care and will need to answer nature’s call. And when they do, it is essential to pick it up and think of other beach users.
  3. Give your dog a collar: A collar is vital, along with an ID tag – preferably a micro chipped one – in case they decide to walk off and get lost. Make sure that your dog has a nylon lead and collar as it’s a fabric that won’t get destroyed by the seawater.
  4. Don’t assume your dog can swim: Dogs aren’t born professional swimmers, so you shouldn’t assume they are. While some breeds are naturally good swimmers, others aren’t. If your dog isn’t used to swimming, be sure they don’t go out of their depth in the sea. If you are concerned about your dog’s swimming ability, there are doggie life jackets available so you relax while your pet has fun in the water.     `
  5. Drinking salt water isn’t a good idea: For some unknown reason dogs just love a taste of salty sea water, but it doesn’t do them any good and can even make them vomit. Ensure you have plenty of fresh water with you so they can drink and stay hydrated.
  6. Sun Protection: Like we need to wear sun cream in the hot weather, so do our dogs! In particular, short-haired dogs need protection and you mustn’t forget to apply cream to ears, noses and other hair-free areas. It is also a good idea to take an umbrella or something that can create shade so your dog does not over-heat in the sun.
  7. Don’t let them get carried away: It’s important to recognise that running on sand takes a great deal more effort than running on grass, so it’s a good idea to ensure your dog doesn’t over do it. If you want to walk him, warm him up slowly by taking a gentle stroll.
  8. Check for cuts and scrapes: At the end of the day, you need to check your beloved dog for any cuts or blemishes and wash them thoroughly to remove any salt and sand from their fur and skin.


A happy golden Labrador at the beach

Where are the dog friendly beaches in the UK?

As a dog owner it’s essential that you choose a dog friendly beach and to help you choose the best one, here’s a list of 10 dog friendly beaches in the UK

  1. Compton Bay, Isle of Wight
  2. Blundellsands, Sefton
  3. Snettisham Beach, Kings Lynn
  4. Studland Beach, Poole
  5. Milford-on-Sea, Bournemouth
  6. Thorney Bay Beach, Canvey Island
  7. Broadstairs Beach, Margate
  8. Formby, Liverpool
  9. West Wittering Beach, Chichester
  10. Berrow Beach, Burnham on Seamatt
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