Why have more black cats been made homeless by pet selfies?

Posted by Argos. September 23rd 2014.

Selfies have become a worldwide craze. Taking a picture of yourself and sharing it online has become a part of everyday life but what once started as a bit of fun has had a surprising negative impact on the feline world.

It seems taking a good selfie doesn’t just require people to look good; it also requires their pets to look good! Hundreds of black cats have found themselves left out in the cold because they simply don’t look good in photos.

It seems crazy to abandon your feline companion because of the colour of their fur. Black furred animals can look just as good in selfies as their non-black felines – and here’s how.

Two black cats playing


Animal shelters inundated with black cats

The RSPCA has released figures which show that out of the 1,000 cats in their centres across the UK, 70% of them are black or black and white. Out of the strays that are collected, 85% of them are black.

The charity feels this is down to a lot more than coincidence. Superstition and the fact they don’t photograph as well as other coloured cats are both being blamed for the rise in homeless black cats.

Embracing the black feline

There are a number of reasons why black furred cats are being constantly overlooked. For years they have been associated with witches and dark forces. While most don’t believe such myths, they still develop a negative image in their minds due to the negative media.

However we need to remember these are simply myths and the black cat is in fact beautiful and engraved in a great mysterious history – making them extremely intriguing and endearing creatures.

Making your black cat look good in selfies

If selfies are important to you, there are a few tips you can follow to emphasise further the beauty of your black furry friend.

The key is to choose a simplistic background. If there are too many other distractions in the photo, your cat’s expressions will be overlooked. Try not to opt for a darker background though because if it’s too dark you won’t be able to see your cat at all!

Monochrome has always been a stylish trend so why not try picturing your cat on a white background? This way you’ll to create a modern and stunning picture.

Cute Black Cat

If you take a picture of them by the window, you’ll be able to make out the different shades in your cat’s fur. Few black cats are completely black and there are always interesting and unique colours that shine through in direct sunlight.

So, can a black cat look good in photos? Of course they can!

There are many benefits that come with re-homing a black furred feline. There is no research to determine whether they are friendlier than other coloured felines, but ask any black cat owner and you’ll discover they are just like any other cat – absolutely purrrr-fect!

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