Border Terrier Breed Review

Posted by Cyril. August 15th 2018. Tagged: border terrier and dog breed

The Border Terrier is small, plucky little pooch with a cute little face and rough coat.

Originally bred to hunt vermin such as foxes and rats, the Border Terrier is now a popular choice of pet.

Their personalities can vary from mellow to more lively and energetic. Read on to find out whether the Border Terrier is the ideal pet for you.

Border Terrier temperament

The Border Terrier is a cheeky, energetic little dog. Often friendly and rarely aggressive, they are also highly adaptable to different living situations. They can have a bit of attitude and are prone to occasional stubbornness, but that’s all part of their nature.

They need to walk, play and exercise often to use up their boundless energy. Beware of this breed if you are highly garden-proud – they have been known to like digging!

These dogs are more than happy to accompany their owners as they go about their daily lives. In fact, they love to be included in what’s going on. They make great companions for active people of all ages.

Are they easy to train?

The Border Terrier is an intelligent dog which will be very eager to learn new tricks and play games. As they also often like to please their owners, training them can be a lot of fun. However, avoid too much repetition as you may start to bore them.

The breed is also sometimes used as an assistance dog for blind or deaf people, something that few other terriers are well suited to.

Can they live with other dogs?

Provided they are well socialised when they are young, Border Terriers can happily live in harmony with other dogs. They are generally very friendly and open dogs who also don’t mind sharing a home with a cat, provided they are properly introduced!

Are they good with kids?

Border Terriers are normally great with people of all ages, and that includes kids. They are affectionate and friendly, and won’t get snappy with children. In fact, their playful and energetic nature will perfectly suit older children who are happy to run around and play with them.

Are they high maintenance?

Their coats are rough, but compared to other terriers, relatively easy to groom. They also don’t shed too much which makes them perfect housemates.

They will need lots of physical activity and vigorous exercise to keep them occupied, so be prepared to keep up!

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