Cats vs Christmas trees – and how you can make a cat proof Christmas tree

Posted by Tiger. December 10th 2015.

It happens in homes throughout the world every year! You spend hours putting up your Christmas tree, decorating it and adding on fairy lights. Then along comes your cat and utterly destroys all your hard work.

To you, your Christmas tree may be the ultimate talking point and the focal point of your festive decorations. To your feline friend it looks like the ultimate toy – covered in shiny things to play with, climb on and even eat!

You may want to make a cat proof Christmas tree if your feline friend likes to get up to mischief

Whilst you may smile and find it slightly amusing, broken baubles, ornaments, and a toppled Christmas tree can leave even the most patient and caring cat lover frustrated.

But you’re not on your own ! Watch this hilarious video and you’ll soon realise it’s a common problem at this time of year!

Make a cat proof Christmas tree

Don’t fret! The good news is your Christmas tree and cat can co-exist.

If you have don’t have a cat scratching post, get one. This will not only distract your cat from your Christmas tree, it will keep your cat entertained.

Scent repellents are a great ways to lure your cat away from your beloved tree. Add a little bit of Citronella mixed with water and spray around your Christmas tree. This will put your cat off without a creating an unpleasant scent for you.

Looking for a more organic solution? Orange peelings scattered around the base of your tree will help keep your cats away and your decorations in place.

Better still, watch this video and learn how to make a cat proof Christmas tree to keep your four-legged friend entertained for hours!



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