Crufts, Scruffts and choosing a dog show

Posted by Sapphire. March 5th 2018.

Every year, pooches from all over the world attend the biggest dog show of the year at Crufts. The show celebrates dogs of all shapes and sizes, all competing for the prestigious ‘best in show’ trophy.

While Crufts is the world’s largest dog show, there are plenty of other events to celebrate man’s best friend. In total, there are 314 dog shows scheduled across the UK, leaving plenty of chances to get your fix of cute pooches.

We’ve picked a few that you can enter or attend for fun this year:



The people at Crufts love dogs so much, that they couldn’t leave out the crossbreeds that can’t take part in the main dog show.

The competition is just for fun and uses the celebration to promote responsible pet ownership.

Scruffts isn’t a full-scale show, with only the finalists from rounds held in the previous October taking part in the main Crufts event in March.

The six classes to enter are:

  • Most handsome crossbreed
  • Prettiest crossbreed bitch
  • Child’s best friend
  • Golden oldie crossbreed
  • Best crossbreed rescue
  • GCDS crossbreed class

Owners pay £2 to enter the competition. Every penny goes towards a number of charities, including the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.


The National Dog Show (9-12 May)

The National Dog Show is a massive four-day event that hosts over 10,000 dogs every year. Like Crufts, the show features registered Kennel Club members only.

Each of the four days focus on different breed types:

  • Utility and toy
  • Hound and terrier
  • Gundog
  • Working and pastoral

Dog lovers are welcomed in to see the thousands of dogs in the competition. The finale features a ‘best in show’ prize and group winners from each category.


DogFest (May/June)

DogFest is the ultimate day out for dog lovers and is held in three locations:

  • South – Hertfordshire (11-12 May)
  • North – Cheshire (15-16 June)
  • West – Bristol (22-23 June)

The SuperVet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, hosts the event that keeps pooches and their owners entertained. Attractions include:

  • The Great Dog Walk, a dog walk that takes part twice a day and uses voluntary donations from walkers to raise money for charity.
  • School 4 Dogs, which offers top training tips to owners
  • Temptation Alley, a challenge for even the most obedient of dogs. Items to entice your dog such as toys and treats are scattered along the course – all your pooch has to do is ignore them!


The Pet Show (August)

Like the National Pet Show, The Pet Show offers a huge variety when it comes to animals. It even has a micro pig racing section!

The Kennels area hosts the dogs, holding competitions and fun activities for your pet. Competition categories include:

  • Best pedigree
  • Cutest puppy
  • Best crossbreed
  • Golden Oldie
  • Child handler
  • Best in show

The Kennels feature a Dog Breed Village, which allows you to learn all about your favourite breeds. You can also get grooming tips and helpful advice from the various professionals exhibiting.


National Pet Show (2-3 November)

Not just for dogs, the National Pet Show covers everything from fish to ponies. While you’ll have to leave your own pets at home, it’s a fab day out for the family!

The show features the Dog Zone, where you can see and learn about your favourite breeds. The zone also features agility displays and training tips to take home to your pet.


General Championship Dog Show (December)

Hosted by the Ladies Kennel Association, this is the UK’s largest two-day dog show. More than 10,000 dogs and their owners attend the event each year.

All owners must be members of the Ladies Kennel Association, unlike other shows that require Kennel Club registration.

The two days split breeds into categories:

  • Terrier, gundog and hound
  • Toy, utility, pastoral and working


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