Curiosity killed the cat: Learn about everyday common cat dangers

Posted by Nurse Whiskers. October 28th 2014.

There is no denying that cats are a curious kind. Unfortunately, not all curiosity is healthy and your cat’s nosey exploration may well land them in some trouble!

Learning about some of the most common dangers cats face in their daily life can help you keep your pet safe and healthy and ensure happy, healthy curiosity that will not end in a trip to the vet!

Cat in a box


Climbing and exploring is a great way for your cat to stay fit and healthy but not all those tall heights and thin walls are going to keep your cat safe. If you live in a home with a balcony, prevent severe injury by ensuring a safe balcony area that will prevent your pet from falling.

Also, remember that if your cat does fall from a height greater than one story then you should always take them to the vets to make sure there are no serious injuries.


Outdoor cats are prone to road accidents in their midnight wonderings through your neighbourhood. Getting into the routine of serving up a little treat to your cat in the evening will encourage them to return home and keep them safe from the dark dangers of the road.


The kitchen can be a lethal place for your furry friend as hot surfaces can cause burnt paws and hot pans can end in disaster when your cat decides to play with it – not to mention the potential tripping hazard you face when carrying hot items or sharp knives with a cat under your feet! Keep an eye on your cat when working in the kitchen and make sure they stay away from any poisonous human food such as onions and garlic.

You may also want to consider shutting the door when cooking or placing your cat’s water and food bowls in a different area of the home to stop them coming into the kitchen so often – keeping their paws off of the worktops is more hygienic for you and your family anyway!

A Bengal cat



If you are the proud owner of a particularly curious cat then you may want to think about the plants you have in your house. Whilst most cats rarely notice your green thumb, others may chew at your newly bedded plants. Unfortunately these cats run the risk of mouth irritation due to the toxicity of the plants.

Lily flowers are thought to be the most dangerous for cats and therefore should be kept out of your house. Take your pet to the vet immediately if you suspect they may have ingested lily pollen and check online for a full list of potentially poisonous plants.

Keeping your pet healthy and happy

There may be no greater companion for you than your little furry friend and you don’t want to see him or her hurt. Merely being aware of the dangers they face when they’re sniffing around will help you be happy with your cat and create a fun and safe house where you can cuddle to your hearts content.

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