Tabby cat lands his owner with a £1,000 vet bill after eating grass

Posted by Albert February 23rd 2017.

The owner of a mischievous kitten narrowly avoided a £1,000 vet bill thanks to her pet insurance policy after the Tabby cat decided to act as the family lawnmower and swallowed a mouthful of grass.

Moggy Marley, who’s nearly two, had a persistent cough, so his owner took him to the vets.

The vet examined Marley but couldn’t see anything in his throat so had to perform an X-Ray to check where the problem was.

Kim, Marley’s owner, revealed that this wasn’t the first time this had happened to Marley. She explained: “Marley is constantly getting himself into mischief. This is the second time he’s swallowed grass and some of it has become lodged in between his nose and throat. Apparently it’s quite common in winter when people leave their grass to grow a bit longer. I’ve also had to have him treated for a bee sting on his paw.”

Luckily Marley has made a full recovery and thanks to Argos Pet Insurance who covered the bill, Kim wasn’t left out of pocket.

Kim, who’s a coordinator at an oil and gas company, added: “I’m so glad I’ve got pet insurance for Marley. He’s very outdoorsy and when I watched him jump off the roof of a house, I thought it would be a worthwhile investment – I wasn’t wrong!

“If I hadn’t taken out pet insurance, I’d have already had to pay out well over £1,500   and he isn’t even two years old yet.”

Maia Boylla, product manager for Argos Pet Insurance added: “There’s no pet National Health Service for animals so a trip to the vet could be quite costly. As Marley proves, animals can get themselves into trouble at any time. By purchasing pet insurance, owners can meet the cost any unexpected treatment and be safe in the knowledge that their beloved pets will be cared for with all fees covered.”



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