Does your dog have the X Factor?

Posted by Sapphire. November 26th 2015.

So, the X Factor is now in full flow – and Simon Cowell will soon be rubbing his hands with joy and counting down the days to his latest Christmas number one. But there are some dogs out there who are just as talented as some of this year’s contestants. You just have to know where to look for them.

And here at Argos Pet Insurance we are big fans of the weird and wonderful (and anything funny to do with pets) so we’ve compiled a list of the top signing dogs for your viewing pleasure.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

He’s no Elton John, but this precious pooch loves a good sing song around the piano.

Road trips offer the perfect opportunity to bond with your dog and here’s the video to prove it.

And, what about this four-legged friend who likes to sing about his friends!?


Why do dogs sing? (Here’s the science bit)

Singing (or howling depending on what your viewpoint is) can be traced back to the wolf heritage of dogs.

In the wild, Wolves used this technique to communicate with other pack members and they’ve never been able to shake it from their DNA.


Dog of all ages and sizes love singing

In a nutshell, your dog sings when they hear music because they mistakenly think they can hear another dog nearby and they are calling out to talk to them.

They might do the same if they hear a noise on the TV or your mobile phone ring tone is quite high pitched.

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