Doggy donors we need you!

Posted by Argos, August 25th 2020, last updated September 7th 2020.

Pet Blood Bank collect approximately 3,000 units of blood per year. As each donation collects one unit of blood, this means Pet Blood Bank need 3,000 dogs to come forward and donate each year.

DEA 1 (Dog Erythrocyte Antigen) negative dog blood is currently low in the UK, which is worrying because negative blood is always in particular demand for veterinarians. This is because negative blood has multiple purposes as it can be given to any dog. Whereas, DEA 1 positive blood can only be given to dogs that have positive blood type.

Unfortunately, only 30% of dogs have negative blood, meaning there is a demand for this blood type. More than 9,000 lifesaving donors are registered with Pet Blood Bank UK and although blood donations have increased year on year, it is important to make sure they continue to do so!

There has never been a better time to get involved and register your dog today! Explore the infographic below or read our complementary article, ‘Could your dog help save another dog’s life?’.

dog blood donation information, infographic and requirements

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