An introduction to easy dog tricks that every dog owner should try

Posted by Sapphire. September 25th 2013.

Every dog owner wants their faithful friend to be the best behaved and most impressive dog in the world. However, to make this a reality, training is required.

Obviously there is some basic training that every dog needs to be an indoor, household pet – such as toilet training and basic dog etiquette. However, there are a few other tricks that are always impressive.

Of course, not every dog is going to take to skateboarding like this natural!

But there are plenty of other simple dog tricks that every owner could try to get their mutt to master.

The basics

Getting any dog to master the basic tricks should be within most owners’ abilities. By having a bit of patience and a simple reward system, getting your dog to sit, stay and lie down is achievable.

Dogs will respond well to a bit of training and once the first command is mastered and a system of learning is in place, the following commands should be easy to perfect (in theory at least).

Dog with frisbee

Useful tricks

Not all tricks are for show. Learning a trick like the ‘back up’ actually has a number of practical advantages and demonstrates a good understanding with your dog.

Sometimes, in their excitement, dogs can rush headfirst into situations with visitors opening doors and the like, which means they get in the way and can crowd people.

A simple back up trick will give you room to open the fridge door, allow guests to enter and prevent them from running out of doors and into trouble.

Fetching is a great way to exercise your dog. Throwing a ball or stick and getting the dog to return it should be easy enough to work on in the park but getting your dog to fetch your slippers, the paper or something else you need without wanting to get up is slightly trickier.

Get it right and it’s both useful and very impressive (as long as you don’t mind sliding your foot into a slightly soggy slipper, that is).

The cute tricks

There are also some tricks that are simply adorable and will help to make anyone fall in love with your best friend. High on the list is the ‘shake paws’. If it’s a trick you can get your dog to perform well, then they can introduce themselves to every new guest.

A natural extension from the shake paws is the ‘wave’. It’s essentially the same trick but without your interaction. Again, getting the dog to wave hello and goodbye to guests is a sure-fire way to impress.

The classic ‘stand up and beg’ is a little bit trickier and involves some movements that aren’t necessarily natural to some dogs. It might take some time to learn but once it is mastered it is a very impressive trick and one that looks adorable.

Ground tricks

Getting your dog to do tricks on the ground is sometimes tough and you need to be careful when trying to get your dog to lie down. The ‘roll over’ is an extension from lying down and demonstrates good skills and training.

Another ground trick that always gets a laugh and also demonstrates a high level of training is the ‘play dead’.

This shows the dog is fully under your command and will lie still until told otherwise.

The important thing to remember about any dog tricks is that it has to be fun for the dog to learn. When training, you need to try and shape their behaviour with natural movements and rewards. This way your dog will learn what it is you want from them in a positive way.

Don’t forget that some dogs are better at learning tricks than others, and if your pooch simply isn’t interested or can’t get the hang of it then it doesn’t matter. Tricks are fun but the relationship you have with your beloved pet is by far the most important thing so nurture this ahead of turning your pet into a show dog.

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