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Posted by Cyril. October 17th 2016. Tagged: Breed review and Pet information and ownership advice

Two cute Shih Tzu puppies

Here at Argos Pet Insurance we know that getting a dog is a huge step. One of the most common thoughts to pass through a potential new owner’s mind is ‘what type of dog should I get?’

With over 340 breeds recognised by the World Canine Organisation, finding the perfect dog breed for you can be a daunting task. But whether you want a sleepy companion, your next running partner or a loyal friend that will listen to your every command, we are here to help.

At Argos Pet Insurance we love all our canine friends. That said, certain breeds have traits which make them better suited to certain lifestyles. Here is a quick guide to choosing the perfect dog breed for you. 

The adventurer – Border Collie 

The Border Collie was historically used to herd sheep, and still is to this day. However, people soon discovered these silky-coated canines were much more than that. With its endless amounts of energy, stamina and agility the Border Collie is the perfect companion to take with you hiking across mountains or on a cross-country run.

The lap dog – Shih Tzu 

Friendly in nature, historically the Shih Tzu was bred to be the ultimate companion of the emperor. Their loving and affectionate nature means they are perfect for an owner who wants nothing more than to curl up on the sofa after a long day and watch TV. Shih Tzus also need less exercise than many other toy breeds, making them perfect for someone who prefers a more relaxing lifestyle.

Best for the children – Beagle

Beagles and children make a perfect pairing with their similarly playful natures. Fun loving, tolerant and energetic, the Beagle is the perfect breed around small children and won’t be too bothered about heavy pets and cuddles. Furthermore, the Beagle will be your child’s best friend for life due to their loyal and protective nature.

Best with the cats – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Want to get a dog but worried about introducing it to the cats? Then you should definitely consider a Corgi. The canine, favoured by the royal family, is intelligent and loves a companion. Originally bred for herding, the Corgi gets along well with cats and other animals. Once they become accustomed to living together, you’re likely to find your Corgi and cats playing together like old friends.

The easiest to train – German shepherd

The German Shepherd is intelligent, loyal and devoted to their owners. This makes them one of the easiest dog breeds to train. Due to their intelligence and easy to train nature, German Shepherds have been favoured by the police and armed forces for many years. What’s more, they also make the perfect companion to their owner and are full of personality.

Whichever breed you choose, make sure that they have insurance to keep them happy in the event of illness.


Please note: Never leave children unattended with dogs no matter what their breed.

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