Funny cat videos: Cats sleeping in strange places

Posted by Tiger. February 27th 2016. Tagged: Pet behaviour and Pet fun

We all know cats rule the internet, particularly when it comes to funny cat videos.

Our feline friends don’t have to try particularly hard to go viral but a bunch of them have taken it to a new level by attracting millions of YouTube views just by being asleep.

Admittedly, the ones in the video have dozed off in some pretty amusing positions.

Which begs the question: What is your cat’s favourite sleeping position and what does it say about them?

1. A cat on the back

This is a more relaxed, content cat. A cat’s tummy is an area he or she would usually try to protect but this pose is saying “I trust you completely”.

It’s also a test of that trust – can you resist tickling him or her on the tum? It’s probably best to, if you don’t want to end up with some nasty scratches.

A sleeping Tabby cat

2: Protective paw

Some cats and kittens nap with one or both of their front paws over their face.

It’s most likely an attempt to shield from the light but it also most certainly means “leave me alone, I’m dog-tired”.

3. The clothesline

Does your cat head straight for your unwashed laundry when it’s time for a nap? It’s not just because it looks like a comfortable place to rest but probably because, believe it or not, your body odour puts your cat at ease.

4. Synchronised snoozing

If you have more than one cat, you might notice that, from time to time they sleep in unison, often in strikingly similar poses.

This shows that they are happy in each other’s company and get along swimmingly. Like synchronised swimmers, if you will.

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