Gifts for your cat this Valentine’s Day

Posted by Tiger. February 7th 2019.

The day of love is on its way. There’s no better time for you to think about how you’ll be showing your cat just how much you care for them!

If you’re not sure on the perfect gift for your cat this Valentine’s Day, we have a number of suggestions so they know they’re loved…


Cats love to play so why not treat yours to the Catit Super Senses Cat Toy? This toy encourages your cat to play hide and seek, searching for the ball hidden inside the circuit. Your cat will be entertained for hours with this toy. Plus, it also benefits your cat by stimulating its senses of sight, touch and hearing.

Food treats

Food is always an easy gift to give your cat to show you appreciate them. You can always opt for something a little bit different to their usual meal.

We recommend Dreamies Cat Treats Variety Snack Box as it has a selection of flavours. Whether it’s chicken, cheese or salmon, you can treat your cat to its favourite flavour to tingle their taste buds! Plus, each treat has less than two calories and no artificial colours or flavours.

Treats should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet as a special occasion and not instead of your cat’s usual meal.

Cat scratching post

Fed up of your cat scratching and destroying your furniture? One way to stop them from ruining your beloved furniture is by treating them to a Cat Scratch and Rest Station. This scratching post is made out of jute rope as well as a slanted, carpeted base at the right angle for your cat to scratch comfortably. It also comes with a toy on the side!

Cardboard box

If you don’t want to break the bank on new treats and toys for your cat, how about a trusty cardboard box? For some reason, cats seem to absolutely love boxes!

You probably already have a box laying around the house. This means it’s not only affordable but an easy way to keep your cat entertained.

If you don’t have a cardboard box to hand, try your local supermarket. They often have left over boxes available for customers to take.

Cat insurance

If you want to give your cat the best kind of present this Valentine’s Day, how about ensuring you have pet insurance. So you know they’re covered should any mishaps occur. Visit to get a quote now.

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