Help your pet be happy on World Animal Day!

Posted by Argos. November 26th 2015.

Happy World Animal Day!

Today’s event aims to raise animal welfare standards across the world and raise awareness of those in plight by bringing together organisations and community groups, businesses and individuals.

The movement aims to unite events doing their bit to help animals and participation is continuing to grow, involving supporters of all nationalities and religions.

As well as getting involved in one of the thousands events or activities, you can do your bit by making sure your pet enjoys World Animal Day. Here are some ideas…


Treat your pet to a chew or toy on World Animal Day

Happy dogs

  • Walk the walk: Not many dogs don’t enjoy a good walk, so make time to go for an extra-long walk. This is a great way to bond and good exercise for both you and your companion. Why not go to a new location or somewhere you’ve enjoyed in the past but not been to for a while?
  • Groom time: Give your dog’s coat a thorough brush to make sure he or she is looking their best. If they enjoy a bath, it’s an ideal time to give them a good soak and shampoo.
  • Grub’s up: Treat your dog to their favourite food, even if it means a special trip to the shops to stock up.
  • Toy story: Surprise your dog with a new toy or chew – and let them have a good play with it, even if it’s just in the garden.
  • Old dog, new tricks: Take the time to teach your dog a new trick. Contrary to the adage, most dogs can learn new things – no matter their age. Even if yours is struggling to master it, he or she will enjoy the attention and the time spent together.


Happy cats enjoy playing with toys, even something simple like a ball of wool

Happy cats

  • Time for a tickle: Most cats love to spend time with their owners, even if they might not always show it. Take the time to fuss over your cat, give him a gentle tickle behind the ears and remember to stroke from the head towards the tail. Don’t touch the tail, though, or the paws – as most don’t like it.
  • The right to roam: Most cats enjoy exploring. Give your cat freedom to get out and about but make sure he or she can get back into the house when they want – and make sure they’re chipped and wear a collar.
  • Their own space: While cats like getting out, they also relish having their own place to come back to. Try to find a quiet space in your house – even if it’s just small – where your cat get away from it all. If there’s a window nearby, then all the better as most cats love watching the world go by.
  • Cats entertainment: If you can’t be at home all day, then make sure your cat has plenty to do. They are naturally independent animals but they do enjoy playing, which is a great way of providing exercise. Cat toys and balls are great, but even dangling a piece of string from a reachable height should keep them happy. Don’t forget to offer a scratching post to give your furniture a chance.
  • Keep it clean: Cats love cleanliness so make sure the litter box is nice and fresh. Scoop it once a day and change it two or three times a week. There’s often no need to wash your cat, though – they are good at self-cleaning to ensure they don’t get stinky.
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