How cats and humans are alike (WITH VIDEO)

Posted by Tiger. March 17th 2016.

They say that, after a while, dogs and their owners start to look alike. But what about cats and humans?

Well, never to be outdone, some cats have a tendency to copy their keepers’ behaviour, as these funny cat videos demonstrate.

From snoozing in a hammock to doing pull-up exercises in the home gym, these felines show that cats and humans aren’t all that different after all.

Why do some cats copy humans?

The explanation depends on the behaviour and the character of your copycat.

Sleeping and sitting like a person

Cats often like to sleep in human beds because it makes them feel close to their owners.

The subtle scents you leave behind and even the warmth can attract your cat to lie in a certain spot.

If they end up lying in a similar position to a person, it’s probably because that’s how he or she feels most comfortable!

Working out in the gym

As for working out in the gym, this one’s pretty easy to answer – most cats love climbing and gym equipment is perfect for clambering on.

It’s also indoors, which is a bonus for cats who don’t like to brave the elements.

Cats and humans are very alike

Walking like a human

Another people-like trait that cats sometimes imitate is walking on two legs.

This is fairly common and it’s usually when your cat wants a better view of something – for example, to see if there’s anything interest on top of a coffee table.

Another reason might be to grab your attention – particularly if you make a fuss of them while they’re doing it.

When he or she realises they can balance on their hind legs, most will give walking a try just for fun.

Eating or drinking using their paws

Naturally, cats eat their food without having to hold it but some will use their paws to cling to their food while they nibble or hold a bottle like a baby.

The position of front paws makes this possible and the fact cats lick their own paws regularly means the paw-eye co-ordination is good enough to be able to hold items of food and drink.

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