How do you create a nice home for happy cats?

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. June 24th 2014. Tagged: Indoor pet care and Pet well being

Like all animals, cats need a safe and suitable place to live, sleep and rest. To ensure this happens you need to provide all of the things they need to be comfortable. Shockingly, there is a significant proportion of cat owners that don’t do this – 49% of people don’t provide enough bedding for their cats, 34% of people don’t have enough litter trays, 33% have a lack of water bowls and 13% don’t even have enough food bowls!

These facts show that some cat owners aren’t fully aware of what makes a happy home for their pet, so here is some useful advice to ensure a safe and happy environment for you and your cat.


A place for sleep and rest

As any owner would know, cats love their sleep – so it’s important to provide the right conditions for your cat to rest comfortably. Cats don’t like to be woken up; therefore their sleeping place must be somewhere quiet and private so they can rest undisturbed.

They also need to be provided with a cosy, dry bed that is washed and cleaned weekly. Some cats prefer enclosed beds whereas others like a soft lined basket – this all depends on your cat’s personality. If you have more than one cat, make sure you have one bed per cat plus one more as this way your cat has the option to choose a bed.
Cats often like places that are high up, such as shelves and cupboards, because they feel a sense of security there. Make sure your cat can get to these places with ease and if you have more than one cat, ensure there are several high positioned places for them so that they can get away from each other if necessary.

It’s also worth noting that cats like a place to hide and if they don’t have a hiding place they can become stressed. Ideally, give them an enclosed bed or box to hide in so that they can feel safe and secure.

Cat in bed


It sounds obvious but make sure all hazardous and poisonous items are kept away from cats. Vets see many injuries that are caused by cats coming into contact with hazards in their home and could have been easily avoided.

Make sure that you keep all cleaning products in a secure place and electrical cables out of reach of curious pets. Some human food and certain plants are also poisonous so keep them away from your cats and especially from areas where they’ll be sleeping or eating.

Toilet time

Cats need a litter tray or an outside area, or preferably both, to do their business. When outside, cats dig a hole and then cover it so make sure you have soil or another material for them to do this.

If they use a litter tray, stick to the same type of litter as they may stop using it if they notice a change. Make sure you have enough litter trays for each of your cats plus one extra and place them in different areas of the room so your cats don’t have to share as this can be stressful for them. By following these simple tips, you can create a happy and safe home for your cat – giving you both hours of happiness and enjoyment.

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