How to create a cat friendly garden

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. April 14th 2015.

There are few things that our feline friends enjoy more than pounding their paws through stretches of long grass, to leaping from fence to fence in search of their next adventure. To ensure that your cat has their own stretch of kitty paradise right on their doorstep, why not put your green fingers to good use and create a cat friendly garden?

Below are some top tips that will help you create the ultimate outdoor oasis for your cat.


Plant perfect

Like dogs, cats have a heightened sense of smell and placing cat-friendly plants around your garden will act as the ultimate sensory treat for your furry friend. Scented leaved geraniums (Pelargoniums) give off a wonderful aroma that your cat will be drawn to, time and time again, and come in a variety of scents ranging from citronella all the way through to chocolate peppermint!

A collection of sunflowers and ornamental grasses such as Miscanthus grass can also be used to create a jungle-like atmosphere in your garden. When your cat has tired of weaving in and out of these tall structures Cat grass (Avena sativa) will serve as the ultimate tasty treat.

While there are a whole host of widely available cat-friendly plants on the market – Catnip (Nepeta cataria) being one of the most well known – it is also important to be aware of plants that could potentially be toxic for your cat. A detailed list of such plants can be found on the International Cat Care website.

Run cat, run

Cats love surveying their surroundings from different heights and what better way to tap into this love than by creating a cat run with activities at different levels? From cat trees to a walkway leading from your cat flap all the way down to your garden – a little creativity will go a long way in terms of your cat’s enjoyment of your garden. You may also want to consider creating a shaded area that your cat can retreat to – and play in – when temperatures begin to soar.

To ensure your cat has a soft landing should they slip or fall during their kitty acrobatics, it’s important to put down a layer of grass or other soft covering such as bark.

Creating a safe haven for your cat

As territorial animals, cats can often feel threatened when other cats attempt to invade their space. To ensure that your cat feels safe at all times in your garden space you may want to consider adding trellis to the top of your garden fencing. While there will always be a plucky cat or two who will find an alternative route into your garden, this should at least act as a deterrent for some.

Providing the above is put into place, cat capers should be a common sight in your garden space.

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