How to create a home environment for happy dogs

Posted by Betty. September 19th 2014. Tagged: Indoor pet care and Pet well being

As a nation of animal lovers, we would do anything we could to give our dogs a loving home. Unfortunately, our efforts don’t always work out as planned and with conditions such as dog obesity increasing it is important that owners learn what it is their dog needs to live a long and happy life.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a happy home for your pet.

Dogs need exercise

If you don’t exercise your dog on a regular daily basis it will become bored. The animal might also mess up your house and indulge in some form of destructive activity. In common with people, dogs need to exercise so make sure you take them out at least once or twice a day for a good walk and play with them in the local park or your own garden.

Give your dog its own space

There are 10 million dogs in the UK and all of these will need their own bed, a drinking and food bowl and a sense that they have their own little corner in your house.

You don’t have to provide a diamond-studded palace but some clean bedding in a comfortable basket will suffice.

dog jumping up owner

Play is important in a dog’s life

Buy your pet some toys that it can chew. This doesn’t just apply to puppies, adult dogs need to chew to keep their teeth strong, and also, if they have toys to use then they shouldn’t nibble on your shoes or other possessions.

Don’t leave your dogs alone for a long time

If you work full time and long hours, it might be a mistake to own a dog. These animals are sociable beings and if left alone for long periods of time they will get bored and might develop some social problems.

Also you should never leave your dog on its own in a car for long. The hot summer months are especially dangerous as they can cause your pet to dehydrate and become ill.

Dog grooming is important for happy dogs

Regular grooming is important

If you want your pet to remain in peak condition, then you should groom it after every walk and give it an occasional bath. If your pet has fleas, invest in some flea powder.

If you see that your dog has some unwelcome visitors in the shape of ticks or mange, then you should take it to vets as both of these conditions can result in illness.

Dog grooming is very important to ensure you have happy dogs. Make sure that its nails aren’t too long. Vets can teach you how to clip nails safely so that your pooch can walk, run and play without pain. Or you can try clipping their nails yourself.

Water and food are important

Always make sure that your pet’s water bowl is refreshed. Try to regulate feeding it to a couple of times a day and if you do want to give your pet a treat then you can ask your butcher for a bone instead of opting for shop brought treats.

This will act as a wonderful tasty toy and provide additional nutrients to your pet’s diet – although some dogs may get possessive over such treats so you’ll need to monitor how they react when you give it to them. Try not to give your dog scraps from the table either, as this can cause obesity and encourage your dog to beg or scrounge.

Above all, remember to stroke, talk to and love your pet. Animals understand the different tones in a human’s voice and the more you praise and pamper your dog, the happier they will be.

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