How to deal with a stubborn dog

Posted by Betty. August 26th 2015.

Problematic pets can sometimes test their owners to the limit, but those who find themselves dealing with a stubborn dog need to take a look in the mirror and ask if what they are really dealing with is an untrained pooch.

Patience and repetition is the key to training any dog. Remember, you only get out what you’re willing to put in and if you want to correct what may be perceived as ‘stubbornness’ it will take time and a lot of effort.


A stubborn dog can be difficult to train, but it is worth persevering

Train your dog not to be stubborn

The only thing you can do if you think your dog is stubborn is train them not to be.

If they pull on their leash, keep jumping up, constantly bark or fail to respond to commands when you have visitors, it’s because they haven’t been taught to deal with those situations. Obviously, it is always best to address these issues in puppy training, but there are steps to take after this key learning stage.

The thing which makes most dogs misbehave or display different behaviour is a change in environment. It is much harder for your dog to respond to commands if they are distracted by more exciting things going on around them. Training them to deal with these distractions is the only way you will overcome their stubborn displays.


Struggling to walk your stubborn pet can become a thing of the past if you train them properly

Tips for teaching your dog to follow commands

Teaching your dog to sit may seem like an easy thing to do, but can they perform this most basic of tasks when there are visitors or other things to divert their attention? If the answer’s no, it’s time to learn how to train your dog how to do so.

  • Start by trying to teach your dog in a place where there are distractions, but they are not consumed by them.
  • Get some really good treats (whatever your dog likes) and cut them up small.
  • If they respond to your commands, reward them with a treat.
  • When issuing any commands, make sure your dog is focused on you – not the treat.
  • Never tap or hit your dog if they can’t perform a command, just give them a firm ‘no’ and carry on with your training.
  • Try to keep your emotions under control because that will help with those of your pet.
  • Don’t train your dog for too long at once or they will lose interest and get tired.


Remember, be consistent and have plenty of patience

Consistency is the key to getting rid of your dog’s stubborn behaviour when trying to implement a fresh approach to their training.

If you constantly change your response when trying new commands, it will only confuse your dog. Be patient and allocate plenty of time to work on things.

If you do this, stay enthusiastic, keep calm and stick to your guns, it won’t be long before your stubborn dog is the most well behaved dog in the neighbourhood.

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