How to help a new kitten settle in

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. February 23rd 2015. Tagged: Indoor pet care and Kitten care

Arriving into a brand new home can be an extremely daunting time for kittens and it is important that pet owners are aware of this. The primary role of a new kitten owner is to ensure their kitten is as comfortable as possible – allow them to explore and get to know their surroundings.

Here are some hints and tips to help you and your kitten settle into life together;

Sleeping kitten

Choosing a room

When your kitten first arrives in your home, pick one room that it can settle into first – preferably a quiet room that isn’t too hot or too cold. It’s recommended that you try and keep your kitten in one room for the first week to stop them from feeling overwhelmed.

When they are comfortable with one room you can then let them explore the rest of the house but make sure you accompany them at first and ensure the house is quiet when you first do this, your kitten could easily be put off by a large noisy house.

Litter tray

It is important that you place a litter tray in the room you have chosen the kitten to settle in. The litter tray should be where the kitten can see it – once you have placed it there, you must ensure you always keep it there; this is a great way to get your kitten using it as soon as possible.

Make sure the litter is changed daily and the tray is kept exceptionally clean as cats are known for being fussy! It’s a good idea to find out what type of litter your kitten was using when it was with its mother, this may encourage your kitten to use the tray more as it will be used to it.

Food and water

Do not put food and water bowls next to the litter tray, as kittens may refuse to eat if they can smell it. It’s recommended that you start off with the litter tray in one corner and the food and water in the opposite corner.

Again, it may be useful to find out what type of food the kitten was having when it was with its mother as sudden changes in diet could upset the kitten’s stomach and in severe cases this could lead to organ failure.

Any changes to the kitten’s diet must be slow – they must be weaned onto a new diet by slowly adding new food to their existing food.


Toys are a great way to make a new kitten feel comfortable and it helps build the bond between owner and pet. Try and play with your new kitten at least once a day – and try and do short playful sessions rather than one long day of games.

You can also teach your cat good behaviour through toys by avoiding games that involve biting, scratching or attacking and encourage acceptable, playful games. When buying toys, you should be careful to avoid ones that have small parts that your kitten could swallow, also make sure you put toys that your kitten could get tangled up in away.

Regular games with your new kitten are a great way to help it feel at home and the perfect way to get to know your new pet.

With these tips in mind, your brand new kitten should settle into its new home in no time.

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