Cat care tips to keep your feline safe in summer

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. July 16th 2014.

You might love the summertime when bright, sunny days at the beach followed by balmy evenings on the patio fill your time … but how do your cats get on in the hotter weather?

Cats love warm weather but, like us, they need to be careful when exposed to it. House cats need to be in areas where they won’t overheat and outdoor cats need access to water and shade. There’s also the extra concern that curious cats may venture into neighbours’ sheds and garages, potentially becoming trapped.

If you want to look after your cat this summer then follow these top tips to keep it cool and healthy.

A kitten outside in summer


Provide shaded & cool spots

If you’re lounging in the garden, take a minute to think about your cat. Are there plenty of plants providing shade or do you need to create some? You’ll ideally want somewhere your cat finds comfortable.

The same goes inside the house, allow your cat to wander and find cool spots, such as the bath. Try to keep your home ventilated with a fan or by opening the windows – you might want to fit netted frames to prevent your cat escaping if you don’t want them wandering off.

Damp towels

Cats generally avoid water but a damp – not wet – towel can cool them down if they become too hot. All you need to do is apply the damp towel or cloth on their fur a few times a day to ensure they don’t overheat or become dehydrated.

Give them plenty of water

You will struggle to keep your cat out of the sun throughout the summer as they do enjoy the heat. However, to prevent dehydration you need to keep a close eye on their water bowl.

They will more than likely drink more water than usual so don’t be surprised if you have to refill their bowl more often.

Cat laying in the sun

Monitor their sunbathing

If there’s a hotspot in your house or garden, chances are your cat will have found it! Although cats do cope better with the heat than dogs, they can still get heatstroke if they spend too long in the sunshine.

If it’s a particularly hot day, it might be best to keep your cat indoors. If your cat has a pale coat, you’ll have to be even more careful as they might get sunburn. Some cats even need to wear special sun cream to protect their delicate skin.

Cool their food

Some cats eat their food as soon as it’s dished up while others will graze throughout the day. If you feed your cat wet food and it sits in the latter group, try to avoid leaving it down in the summer as it will heat up and attract flies.

Instead, feed your cat smaller amounts of food three times a day or switch to dry food so that you don’t have to change their eating schedule.

These are just some top tips for looking after your cat during the summer months. You don’t have to make too many changes to your pet’s daily routine, but a few small adjustments could save your cat’s life.

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