How to have happy cats and dogs

Posted by Argos. January 13th 2015.

If you want to understand exactly how to keep your cat and dog happy – you need to remember that they are animals and not humans.

Whilst we humans enjoy a night out and some daytime retail therapy – all our pet wants is a bit of love and attention. Here are some tips on how to ensure your cat and dog are as happy and safe as they can be.

Puppy and Kitten

Leaving your animal alone isn’t a good idea

Dogs are known for their love of companionship. If you find yourself out of the house for long periods of time – be it day or night, you need to consider whether a dog is the best option for your lifestyle. Cats are happy with a cat flap, access to food and a warm bed, but dogs do need attention, walks and affection.  If you’re considering owning a dog, then you must be able to have the time to walk it regularly and not leave the animal to its own devices too often or for long periods of time.

Healthy food for cats and dogs is vital

If you want to keep your pet cat or dog healthy, then you must provide appropriate good quality nutrition. In common with humans, animals tend to put on excess weight as a result of snacking and treats or leftovers, so make sure that you feed your dog or cat regularly with good nutritional meals. Don’t be tempted to feed your dog human food or treats as these can be harmful and in some cases, toxic. Cats can be fussy, so once you have found a good quality cat food they like, it’s a good idea to stick with it.  Also ensure that your pet has access to fresh water at all times.

Take your cat or dog to the vets for a medical

Unless you intend to become an animal breeder, it’s not a good idea to allow your pet to have puppies or kittens. If you want to have a happy and healthy pet, then you should have your cat or dog spayed or castrated as soon as they are old enough – usually at around 6 months of age. You should also arrange vaccinations for your pet, which will include a thorough physical examination. Treating them for fleas, worms and other parasites regularly, following your vet’s advice, is also very important.

Get to know your pet

In some ways it’s easier to identify if your dog is unhappy as compared to a cat. Cats are idiosyncratic creatures and they can suffer from boredom and because of this they are generally happier if they have access to the outside. If you allow your cat to follow its natural instincts, it will be happier. They won’t necessarily cuddle on demand but if they feel secure and content, you can rest assured that they are happy. Dogs need regular walks and they too can suffer from boredom, so you need to take time to play and interact with your dog.

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