How to prevent cat loneliness during your holiday

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. June 29th 2016.

How to Prevent Cat Loneliness - Sad Cat Looks Out of Window

Many cats are aloof, heck some are downright antisocial. But don’t be deceived – cats do need interaction.

Cats crave stimulation – whether it’s people, other animals or playthings – otherwise there’s a risk they will become anxious and depressed.

Owners will know that, when planning a holiday, making sure your pet is taken care of is a major factor.

Arranging for someone to look after your cat or finding somewhere for your cat to stay can be as tricky as sorting out your holiday, not to mention as costly.

Choosing a cattery

If you’re going away for a long time or don’t have anyone who can help take care of your cat, then a cattery is probably the best option.

Knowing your cat is in safe hands will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your time away.

Here are some things to look out for when comparing boarding accommodation for cats:

  • Cleanliness of units and litter trays
  • Indoor and outdoor areas for exercise
  • Are other cats there content?
  • Up-to-date vaccination card
  • What the price covers

Finding a cattery that’s right for your pet and that meets your expectations will mean no more headaches when it comes to planning your next break.

The main drawback with choosing a cattery could be the price. The cost of accommodating your cat in a cattery can soon mount up, especially if you’re away for a long period, which is why some pet owners choose to leave their cats at home.

How to Prevent Cat Loneliness

Home alone

There is a key advantage of allowing your cat to stay home while you go away and this is familiarity.

Allow your pet to stay in surroundings he or she knows well. This will minimise the distress caused by not having you around for a while.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone to feed your cat every day and take out the litter tray, this can be an ideal solution.

There are professional cat-sitting services that can visit your home to check up on your pet – for a fee.

How to prevent your cat getting bored while you’re away

Even with a twice-daily visitor, though, you should do your best to help keep your cat entertained.

Leave plenty of toys around the house and hide a few for him or her to discover while you’re away. Access to a scratching post is a good idea if you want your furniture to be still intact when you return.

Leave an item of your clothes lying around so your scent is still in the house. This will offer your cat some comfort and reassurance.

If your cat loves going outside, make sure you allow it and consider installing a cat flap. If you’re worried about other cats entering your home, there’s some ingenious solutions out there that will allow only yours to enter.

Got a cat that loves the TV? Set a timer for yours to come on for an hour or so each day.

When cats get lonely

Signs that a cat is lonely or bored can include:

  • Damaging furniture and fabrics
  • Becoming more vocal with constant meowing
  • Lack of appetite
  • Excessive grooming
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