How to remove matted dog hair (WITH VIDEO)

Posted by Priscilla. December 20th 2015.

Matted hair in dogs is part and parcel of being a pet owner – especially if your dog has long hair.

More often than not, it’s nothing to worry about but it is something that needs addressing.

What causes matted dog hair?

Dog hair can become tangled and matted for a variety of reasons and different hair lengths can have their own types of matting.

Dogs with long hair often have two layers, while some can have just one soft coat that mats easily.

Matting is most common in areas where there’s friction – around your dogs ears, near the collar and between legs.

Because dogs shed hair, matting also happens when old hair is not properly brushed away.

If your dog is an outdoor type who likes to run through woodland and get muddy, then he or she will be more susceptible to matted hair.

This Chihuahua puppy is combed with a brush to prevent matted dog hair

Why matted dog hair is a problem

Aside from not looking very nice, matted hair can affect your dog’s health.

It prevents air and moisture from getting to the animal’s skin and the clumps can also put pressure on the skin, causing your dog discomfort.

Matted hair is also a haven for fleas and parasites.

How to get rid of matted dog hair

The best way to remove matted hair from dogs is to get stuck in and brush.

Gently work the matted hair loose with your fingers and then comb the fur with a brush or metallic comb. You can buy dog-friendly coat spray that will make the job easier.

Hold the fur in one hand so that you’re not pulling your dogs skin and use short, sharp strokes to brush the tangle away from the skin.

Don’t be tempted to cut the matted clump away using scissors as the clusters build up so close to the skin that there is a risk of cutting your pet.

Even a small cut to the skin would be at risk of infection.

If the matting is too severe, it might be too painful for your dog for you to attempt to remove the clumps.

You should then consider taking your dog to have his or her coat shaved by a professional dog groomer.

See how to remove matted dog hair

Although there are plenty of good videos on the internet which show you how to remove matted dog hair, we think this advisory piece below is one of the best around.

It gives a detailed look at the different types of combs available to use, when and why you should use them.

How to prevent matting in dog hair

The best way to prevent your dog’s hair from becoming matted is with a good grooming regime.

Brush his or her coat regularly – daily if it’s long – and bath them at least every month.

If you’ve been out on a particularly muddy walk, treat him or her to a good wash and a thorough comb.

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