International Day of Charity – Helping four-legged friends in need

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International Day of Charity falls on the 5th September this year. As a pet lover, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to do a good deed for a pet in need. Here are just a few things you can do to help local pet charities without donating cash.

Volunteer your time

While money does help charities run their day-to-day operations, your time is invaluable. Just a few hours a month at a local shelter would make a huge difference to those who run the organisation. It would also give the pets living there the chance to socialise with new people.

Out with the old…

Got a bed that your own pet doesn’t like to sleep in or a toy they have never bothered with? How about a coat or a collar you don’t really use any more? Don’t throw it out because it’s probably good as new! Washing these items and donating them to a local shelter would save the shelter plenty of money. As a result, they’ll be able to spend more on food and other essentials.

Many shelters are very short on supplies and have a wishlist. Get in touch with local shelter or check their website to see what you can donate.

Share, share, share

While you may not think so, you can do a lot with the click of a button. Following local shelters on social media and sharing adoption profiles might just help a pet find their forever home. Before sharing, always check the date of the post – some may not still be available!

Lend your skills

Do you have any specialist skills? You could be a carpenter, photographer or a web designer – your resources are needed. A pet charity needs new pet furniture and kennels all the time, good photography to show off the pets for adoption and a website to show them off on! Many professional services are expensive, making the time of skilled individuals more valuable than a cash donation.

Adopt, don’t shop

The biggest thing you can do for a shelter is give a pet their forever home. If your circumstances allow it, a new life for a pet that hasn’t had the best of luck means more than anything to that animal.

Adopting pets instead of buying reduces the strain that shelters currently feel as they stretch limited resources across a large number of pets.

International Day of Charity

This International Day of Charity, why not take the time to check out local shelters? The examples above are just a few of the small differences you could make. 

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