Is your pet insurance renewal an increase on last year?

Posted by Albert. October 5th 2018.

If you have received your pet insurance renewal quote, you may be surprised to see an increase. There can be many reasons for this. We’re here to discuss the main ones.

Your pet

The age, gender and breed of your pet are factors we will take into consideration when insuring your pet. With increasing age comes a higher risk of health issues. So there’s an increased likelihood that you will need to make a claim for veterinary treatments.

Your pet’s breed will also impact the insurance costs. Some breeds can be at higher risk of certain health issues. There are common illnesses in some dogs, such as ear infections and conjunctivitis, whilst cats suffer with common illnesses such as kidney disease and diabetes. As your pet ages, they will be more at risk of these health issues.

Increase in vet costs

As the costs of treatment increase, your renewal cost will increase. The latest figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) show a five percent rise in the average claim amount between 2016 and 2017.

Your claims history

If your pet has been treated for an injury or illness while you have been insured with us, your premium would be likely to rise. An illness or injury may be listed as a pre-existing condition if you were to cancel your cover and reinstate with us or insure with another provider.

This means that your pet will not be covered in the event that an illness or injury sees a recurring issue. This could leave you out of pocket.

Changing your provider

Are you thinking about changing provider? Make sure you are fully educated on the changes to your cover. Your cover is always subject to the terms of the policy. A new policy may not be comparable to your current one. This includes the potential of no longer being insured for pre-existing conditions.

While your pet insurance renewal will ensure your pet is seamlessly covered, a new policy won’t. Pet insurance providers usually have an exclusion period after buying a policy. If your pet requires care in this time, your new insurer may not pay out.

The importance of pet insurance

There is no NHS for pets in the event of a mishap. Pet insurance is important, so ensure that your puppy or kitten is insured to save you money in the long run.

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