How to keep your pets safe at Halloween

Posted by Argos. October 27th 2014.

Nothing says Halloween quite like haunted houses, pumpkins and over excited children but unfortunately, not all the treats Halloween has in store create and ideal environment for your pet.

So, while you’re enjoying all the delights this night of terror can have to offer it is important you remember that extra family member and practice some crucial Halloween safety that will keep your pet happy and safe!

Halloween PuppyScare factor

You may enjoy the spooky atmosphere of this bewitching holiday but all of the strange decorations can take their toll on your pet. Between the new decorations littering their home and the continuous knocks of trick or treaters, its best to keep your dog away from the outside revelry in a place that is familiar and comfortable to them.

Such drastic changes to their home and the onslaught of strangers at their door can easily spook your poor pet and leave them nervous and agitated for the rest of the night so do you best to offer them a safe place to call their own with lots of familiar toys, smells, food and water.


We all know how fun getting the Halloween decorations out can be, making your home a completely new, spooky haunted house that will show up all the others on the street. Unfortunately, it’s also your pets’ home and therefore it is vital that you always use pet friendly decoration ideas.

Spooky candles in pumpkins can be a real fire hazard when it comes to nosy pets and dangling skeletons may end in pieces if your new puppy has anything to say about it! Avoid anything that hangs down, candles and small ornaments which can pose as choking hazards and end in a Halloween trip to the vets!

Trick or treat?

You don’t want to be the house caught out with no chocolate on Halloween but these sweets can be highly toxic for your pets, not to mention act as choking hazards with small wrappers. Ensuring your sweet stash is kept well out of reach of your animals is crucial but you could also leave a bowl of treats outside for kids to help themselves – thus removing the risk of your pets eating something they shouldn’t and also limiting the number of knocks you get at the door!


Some good creativity in the costume department goes a long way on Halloween however keep the costumes to the humans! Dressing your pet up can often cause stress and nerves throughout the evening as well as providing choking hazards and often leading your pet to destroy their new outfit out of frustration.

If you do decide to dress your pet up make sure your chosen costume doesn’t cause agitation or distress and gives them full range of movement.

All the family can enjoy Halloween, big and small, just remember to keep your pet happy and healthy and avoid stressful encounters with the delights that Halloween can offer and you’ll be set for a night to remember!

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