How to keep your children and dogs safe together

Posted by Betty. October 22nd 2014.

Pets are great and so are children, but it is not always the case that the two can live together as perfectly as you’d hoped. It might be that you’re nervous about your child or maybe nervous about your pet; either way there are plenty of ways to ensure that children and dogs play nicely and get along as the best of friends.

A dog can be the perfect companion for your toddler in their developmental years so here are a few ways you can make sure that bond lasts a lifetime.

Toddler boy with dog


Make an effort to encourage your child to interact with your dog suitably. You do not what your toddler to be scared of your dog as this may result in tension and nervousness from the dog creating a hostile environment.

Encouraging a healthy exploration of what your dog enjoys and is comfortable with will help your child become confident and caring when around your pets – and other animals too.


Refrain from allowing your child to approach strange or unknown dogs. It is easy at a young age to disassociate animals with danger and this can be especially dangerous with animals that are strangers.

To ensure your child has a healthy relationship with dogs it is key for them to understand that not all dogs are the same and that approaching a dog they don’t know could result in hostility. Remember, you can never know what will make a dog angry and you don’t want your children to be the ones to find out!

A family with their dog


Whilst it’s true that healthy pet relationships are based on trust, we encourage you not to leave your toddler unsupervised with a dog at any time.

You may have the most trustworthy, relaxed dog but you can never know what can happen and a child’s love can often be overbearing for a pet. Always keep a close eye on them when they are together and never be tempted to leave them alone – not even for a second.

Quiet time

It can be tough for your dog and even your toddler with such constant attention and love so it’s important you give your dog some quiet time. Make sure it has its own space to relax in as this will encourage an independent relationship that will prevent your toddler from smothering your beloved pet.

It’s important to remember that a pet and child relationship will grow naturally, don’t force anything and watch the comfort between the two grow at its own rate. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the true love your child can have for their dog and the protection your dog will adopt for your toddler.

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