Love your pet day

Posted by Argos. February 20th 2014.

It isn’t difficult to think of reasons for appreciating a pet. Whether the pet is a dog or cat, bird or fish, caring for pets helps many people leave their own personal worries behind and enjoy the unconditional affection and joy that animals provide so effortlessly.

The company of pets can be a welcome relief from the complications of everyday life that human relationships can bring. Luckily, there is a day dedicated to giving pets a bit of extra special attention that they all deserve so much. February 20th, a Valentine’s Day for pets, is ‘Love Your Pet Day’ and a great excuse for pampering furry, feathered or finned friends!

Love your pet

Cook from scratch

One way of showing a pet appreciation on this day is by preparing special meals.
Instead of serving tinned or bagged food, a pet owner can prepare meals from scratch for a pet to enjoy.

Real meat or fish is bound to be a real treat for cats and dogs which will have them dosing luxuriantly with full tummies for hours afterwards. Toasted seeds or popcorn makes a welcome change for pet birds keeping in mind it’s important to let the food cool first.

Home-made recipes for fish aren’t really necessary as there are plenty of special treats on offer in a pet shop which finned friends will love.

Extra time for fun

If there is a special treat or game a pet enjoys, ‘Love Your Pet Day’ is a good opportunity to make the most of it. A dog might enjoy an extra-long walk for example or a run on a dog beach if one is nearby. A cat may have fun playing with toys or enjoy going crazy with a catnip mouse!

These activities are full of joy for a pet owner too and will provide an opportunity for stress relief.

Pamper time

There has been a rise in pet spas all over the UK in recent years which means another fabulous idea for pampering a cat or dog on their Valentine’s Day.

Pets can enjoy beauty treatments such as pedicures, shampooing and grooming sessions. Many spas offer raw meat treats, play time and one-on-one cuddle time for pets. Of course, most pet owners would probably prefer to give their loved pets their own cuddles though!

An alternative to taking a pet to a spa is to create one at home. Most pet owners can groom their own cat or dog and spend extra time giving them a gentle canine or feline massage.

Cute Black Cat


Adopt a pet

Shelters all over the UK are full of animals which are longing for a loving home. There are scores of people who are toying with the idea of getting a pet. Perhaps, as well as wishing to provide a home, they want company or an excuse to exercise.

‘Love Your Pet Day’ is the perfect time to give a needy animal a home and show it the love it deserves.

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