My dog is eating grass, Is this normal?

Posted by Betty. June 23rd 2015.

All dogs eat grass at some point. The reasons behind this habit are complex, but if your dog is indulging in this pastime don’t worry, there are various reasons why this might be happening.

Dogs are omnivores

Many humans mistakenly believe that dogs only eat meat and are classified as carnivores. This isn’t true. Dogs eat everything, which makes them omnivores. Wild dogs have been observed eating berries as well as grass and some experts believe that dogs eating grass is a way for your pet to top up their nutrient supply.

Don’t worry that you’re not feeding your pet enough; this isn’t the case as dogs are scavengers in the wild and will eat anything that’s presented to thems so their decision to munch the lawn may not be a sign they’re underfed.

An owner tries to coax their dog not to eat grass

Make your garden safe

If you’ve exercised your pet and the first thing it does on returning home is to start having a green nibble, don’t try to stop this habit. But you should make sure you only use organic fertilisers on your lawn because you don’t want your pet to consume any dangerous toxins.

Some pet professionals even suggest supplying a grass tray specifically for your pet’s grass-eating habit. Some plants are also dangerous to animals, so if you’re not sure whether your herbaceous borders are safe then ask your vet for advice.

Danger signs

Excessive grass eating can be a sign your dog is ill or simply bored. If your pet is consuming large amounts of lawn and is vomiting after this exercise, it may be suffering from a condition known as pica – the persistent consumption of substances that don’t provide or fulfill their nutritional needs.

Your dog may also have a deficiency which it is trying to replenish, but in either case you should take your pet to the vet or Argos Pet Insurance customers can contact Vetfone.

According to some estimates, less than 25 per cent of dogs eat grass and vomit regularly after grazing so this activity may be a sign that all is not all well with your pet.

The animal may have worms or it might simply need additional fibre in its diet.


A hungry Basset Hound licks its lips

Boredom in pets

Animal experts all agree boredom in any pet is never a good thing. A bored dog can become aggressive or even depressed. It could also explain why it is eating grass.

Always make sure your pet is getting sufficient exercise. If you’re worried that your dog eating grass is becoming obsessive, check its daily routine. Office workers who only see their pets at night and in the early mornings might want to employ a dog walker to help keep their dog amused and exercised during the day as it’s never a good idea to leave any pet on its own for lengthy periods.

If this option isn’t viable, another tip is to leave the radio on for your pet during the day – the noise and talking makes them feel less isolated – and use toys containing food to give them something to distract themselves with.

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