Pet toys and safety

Posted by Argos. August 6th 2014.

There is no denying that pet toys can be a saving grace in all pet owners’ lives. On those days you just don’t have the time to play with your pet properly a good toy can keep them entertained but they can also reduce the risk of destructive behaviour when leaving your pet alone at home.

Unfortunately, not all toys are safe for your pet, so here are a few things you should look out for:

Pet Toys and Safety


No matter the type of toy you should always be aware of your pet when they’re engaged in play time. Even the safest of toys can cause issues with pets, whether it is from the material, the shape or the animal itself. As an owner it is your responsibility to know how your pet responds to toys and supervise accordingly.

If your pet has a tendency to get possessive, perhaps you should be smart about toy control and limiting your pet’s access to toys when other animals are around.

Size and shape

It’s crucial that you’re careful about the size of your pets’ toys. With dogs, for example, a toy that might be perfectly sized for a small Chihuahua would be entirely too small for a large Labrador and could present a potential choking hazard.

Similarly, when looking at toys to buy, be aware of the shape; you don’t want to buy anything that has small detachable components or areas that can easily be ripped off and chocked on.

Toys, in general, will go through the wars and the last thing you want is your pet chocking on a piece of plastic that came off when they were playing with it.

Dog with frisbee


As fun as finding scraps and having your pet play with them can be there are some serious dangers with non-specialist dog toys. Rawhide chews that involve bits of cow skin tied can cause severe problems as not only can parts be torn off and choked on when wet and sticky but the skin can actually damage your pet’s gastrointestinal tract.

Another potential hazard is sticks found in the park. While the classic image of throwing a stick for your dog can seem idyllic the reality is a high probability of choking hazards and splinters. A suitable alternative for those fun park visits could be a durable rubber toy or a specialist Frisbee.

The main thing to remember when picking toys for your pet is that you need something both safe and enjoyable. Always shop from reputable sellers and buy a toy made from suitable materials and in a suitable size and shape for your pet. After all … a happy and safe pet makes for a happy owner. You can find some great dog toys at Argos.

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