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Posted by Trixie. January 26th 2018.

fluffy ragdoll cat with blue eyes - popular cat breeds


There are a number of popular cat breeds in the UK and if you’re looking for a feline friend to add to your family, it can be difficult to know which one is the right choice for you. We’ve compiled a list of popular cat breeds to help you make your choice.

Ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll cat got its name due to its tendency to be limp and relaxed when picked up, making them perfect for cuddles. The Ragdoll is the perfect family pet as they are known for their docile nature, following people around and lack of aggression towards other pets.


British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is one of the most popular pure breeds in the UK and one of the stockier breeds, so make sure your scratching posts are reinforced! With a fluffy coat and relatively calm temperament, the British Shorthair is a very loyal breed to have in your home.


Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is perfect for our cold British weather, with a water-shedding insulated coat to protect them from the elements. While the breed is happy to stay indoors and socialise with people and other pets, they have large bursts of energy, so make sure you have scratch posts and toys at the ready, and a bed nearby for a long nap.


Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is a unique breed. They are easily recognisable from their slim body and head shape and colouring. They enjoy company from other cats, so make sure you have another cat for them to play with. The Siamese cat is very intelligent and playful, so make sure you keep their brains busy with puzzles! You can also keep them active with plenty of teaser toys.


Siberian Cat

This hypoallergenic cat breed is perfect for cat-lovers with allergies. They are well known for their attachments to their owners, following their humans wherever they go and enjoying lots of affection. The breed is also used as therapy cats due to their loving nature and lack of shyness around strangers.


Siberian Cat in the grass - Most Popular Cat Breeds


Burmese Cat

Known as the ‘chocolate Siamese’, the Burmese cat is an energetic and friendly breed that is perfect for families. This very demanding yet sociable breed needs the company of another cat in the home. They also need plenty of attention from humans, so don’t expect a lot of privacy! The Burmese cat is very intelligent. With the right training, you can teach them commands and how to play fetch.


Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a large, athletic breed. With the look and movement of a leopard or jaguar, it stands out in the neighbourhood. The spotted breed is highly intelligent and loves to play games and learn tricks. This means that you need to make sure you have the time to spend with them. Unlike many cats, the Bengal loves water, so a water feature for them to paw at would provide lots of entertainment.


Maine Coon Cat

This American breed is growing in popularity in the U.K and it’s no surprise. The Maine Coon is known for its independent nature, making them a great pet for busy cat lovers. The large breed is very playful and needs a variety of toys to stay entertained.


Sphynx Cat

This breed has a very unique look as it is completely bald, which definitely stands out from the crowd! As it has no fur to keep it warm, this is an indoor cat that needs plenty of skin care and regular baths. The breed tends to have a high level of energy and is intelligent. This means they require lots of attention and toys to keep them busy.


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