Puppy care: Easy tips to keep your puppy warm this winter

Posted by Dr Dog. November 26th 2015. Tagged: Puppy care and Winter pet care

Keeping your pet warm and healthy during winter is important but even more so if they are young.

Puppies are more affected by the cold than adult dogs and more susceptible to picking up infections.

There are some simple puppy care measures you can take to keep your puppy happy in the colder months.


This Yorkshire Terrier will be warm in winter camouflage clothes

Dress for the weather

Consider getting your puppy a jacket to wear. You can leave these on indoors if your home is on the cold side. Waterproof jackets are available for walks – and most come in small sizes ideal for puppies.

Because dogs partly regulate heat through their paws, think about buying boots to cover his or her feet when walking on snow or ice.

Groom your puppy properly

Most young dogs don’t need their coat cutting as often as adults but you might still want to keep their fur neat as part of your puppy care routine. Continue to comb out knots with thorough brushing but try to avoid clipping or cutting the coat.

You should, however keep the hair around the paw pads well trimmed. This will help to prevent a build up of debris, which can make walking painful for dogs.

If you bath your dog outside, switch to indoors during the winter – and keep the water warm. During particularly cold snaps, consider reducing the amount of baths. Dry your puppy as quickly as possible and keep them warm.


A Black Labrador Retriever puppy on a cold winter walk

Food for thought

Puppies’ dietary requirements in winter might change. This could be quite subtle but it’s something you should be aware of.

Pets use up more calories during winter trying to stay warm, so your dog might want more food. However, as your puppy will be an indoor dog, it’s important that you do not overfeed him or her as this will lead to weight gain. Speak to your vet if you are unsure about the amount of food your dog needs.

Take shorter walks

Protect your dog from the cold by reducing the length of your walks. It’s better to go on three short walks in a day than one long one.

On walks in cold weather, look out for signs of frostbite. Check the tips of the ears and tail.

You can also exercise indoors by playing games such as tug of war and fetch.

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