Royal Wedding fever – Including your pet in your big day

Posted by Sapphire. May 8th 2018.

With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, there’s no doubt that wedding fever is sweeping the nation. If your own wedding date is on the horizon and preparations are underway, you might want to include a big part of your life on your big day: your pet!

We asked our social media followers if they would want their pet to be a part of their wedding day and a massive 80% said yes. Pets are key members of many families, and some people couldn’t imagine letting them spend the day at home.

If you’ve got Royal Wedding fever and want to include your pet in your big day, we’ve got a few ideas for how they can get involved in the celebrations.


Get dressed up!

There’s plenty of ways your pet can look dapper on the day. A coloured collar to match the groom’s tie, or a bowtie-style collar as formalwear will make your pet stand out. You could also clip a pet-safe flower to their collar!

Furthermore, avoiding full outfits is for the best. They can make your pet feel uncomfortable, and the dressing-up process can be stressful for them. Also, with the number of pet-friendly options available, who even needs a full outfit?


Don’t forget the rings

Your pet can be the cutest ring bearer of all time on your big day. Simply attach a light pillow containing the rings to their collar. They can then be guided up the aisle with the rings for a collective ‘aww’ from your guests.

Always make sure your pet isn’t left unattended with the rings. They are small and can easily be swallowed by a curious pet, which as a result can have dangerous consequences. If they do swallow anything they shouldn’t, make sure you know what to do.

A Royal Wedding dish fit for a four-legged king

While the best man makes a dog’s dinner of the speeches, let your pet have a slap-up meal. Whether they’re eating in a quiet place on their own or have a spot at the top table, they can take part in the meal. We’ve even got a few recipes for cakes for your cat or dog as a real treat!

Make sure you know what foods are safe for your dog or cat to eat. Be vigilant of the food and drinks at the party – a poorly pet is the last thing you want on your special day.


If your pet gets into any mishaps in the excitement, make sure they have pet insurance. Visit to find out more information about our various policies.

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