Making a shy cat feel at home

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. March 20th 2018. Tagged: Indoor pet care and Pet well being

Felines, like people, have different personality traits. You may have a shy cat in your home and getting them to come out of their shell can seem like a huge task. Well we’ve got some tips to help a timid cat feel right at home.

Keep the noise down

Remember that your home is now also your cat’s home, so you may need to make some changes, such as reducing noise in your home where possible. This will make your shy cat feel more comfortable to come out of their hiding spot and explore.

Create a safe place

Make sure your cat has a private spot out of the way of humans. Purchasing a cat igloo or creating a covered space where your cat can’t be seen will give them the privacy they need.

Some cats prefer to be in places away from the floor, especially when other pets are in the household. Having a radiator bed or cat tower will offer your cat a retreat from other pets.

Have a routine

Having your cat on a schedule will allow you both to be more in tune with each other. Setting feeding times and daily litterbox cleaning will help to establish trust, as your cat will learn quickly what to expect from you.


When your cat decides to interact with you, make sure it’s a positive experience. Try talking to them in a soft tone and try to avoid any quick movements. Whenever possible, crouch down to their level – in your pet’s eyes, you’re a giant!

Touch your cat without forcing contact, and gently pet their head. Avoid bringing your hand directly towards your cat’s face, as it may startle them.

Be patient with your shy cat

Make sure that you don’t try to rush your cat; they will become comfortable in their own time. Reinforcing positive behaviour with treats and attention will soon see your cat come out of their shell.

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