Spring has sprung and so have kittens

Posted by Maggie the Moggie. April 8th 2015. Tagged: Kitten care and Spring pet care

When spring signals the end of the cold winter months, many animals are genetically programmed to start mating and breeding as soon as the days begin getting longer.

Cats are no different, and many cat owners will find their pet’s hormones reappear with the warmer weather resulting in pregnancies and kittens galore.


Kittens, kittens, kittens

It is hard not to fall in love with fluffy, friendly kittens, but unless you want to become a breeder, it’s important to think about how you’re going to control the number of litters your cats produce.

It’s also important to remember that kittens themselves become sexually mature at around five or six months and cats can conceive while still nursing. This high libido could potentially result in a huge number of kittens in your household, all of which will need love and attention and then good homes found for them.

Cats in heat

Another thing that cat owners need to consider is the change they’ll see in female cats when they’re in heat.

Most female cats become very vocal when their hormones are going haywire. This can become irritating, especially if you work or study at home or have young children to take care of.

This is something that has put people off breeding kittens, so think it over before you let your cat reach sexual maturity without being spayed.

Male cats

Male cats that aren’t neutered generally have stronger smelling urine and many develop bad spraying habits, covering your home and furnishings with their pungent aroma.

Though some male cats will continue to spray even after they’ve been neutered, having the operation early on will reduce the chances that they develop this antisocial habit.


If you have a house full of cats or are still looking after kittens from a previous litter, it’s important to remember that entire (not neutered) cats can become pregnant .

Many owners find it surprising that a female cat can become pregnant by her son or that a male can impregnate his sister or daughter. So if you have a house full of entire cats or even just a pair of breeding age siblings, make sure you keep them separate or have at least one of them neutered to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Though spring is a great time to bring new, fluffy kittens into the world, breeding your cats in a responsible and animal friendly way is important if you want to ensure all of your kittens go to kind and loving homes.

If you don’t think you’re ready for the responsibility, having your cats spayed or castrated is easy and affordable. Get in touch with your local vet today to find out more.

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